bones grossest cases gunk in the garage 'Bones' cast and EPs pick the show's grossest dead bodiesThe case the Jeffersonian gang solves during the “Bones” episode “The Gunk in the Garage” might be its grossest one yet, according to executive producer Stephen Nathan. Considering the myriad gross bodies the gang has found over the past seven or so years, that’s really saying something — especially since Nathan’s the one who writes most of the icky scenes.

“We blow up a guy and it’s pretty cool,” Nathan tells Zap2it of the splattered body the team finds in a garage. “Very revolting.”

Nathan’s had years of practice with the gross stuff. Fellow EP Hart Hanson says once they decided to get as disgusting as possible with the body finds, Nathan went for it. “We decided in Season 1 that one of our things, our hallmark, would be disgusting body finds at the top. Like, ‘What the hell is that?’ And Stephen with his usual energy and alacrity and intelligence went at that like a machete at a — he just decided that was his thing because he’s a pro.”

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Interestingly, Nathan himself doesn’t like watching crime shows because it’s too disturbing. “I don’t feel that ours are revolting in the same way — like, I can’t watch the ‘Law and Orders’ and ‘CSIs’ where it’s real and they’re people. It’s revolting to me and I do close my eyes. But this, they’re already dead for a long time.”

In fact, he’s cut scenes because they’ve grossed him out. “It was too horrible for me because it was a recently killed person and it was too much. I took no delight in that,” Nathan says. “I don’t mind eyeballs falling out, or things like that. But I just couldn’t do that.”

Naturally, the cast has had a lot of practice with the gross stuff over the years, to the point where a normal prop dead body doesn’t phase them anymore. Star Emily Deschanel says that during the Hollywood episode, her apathy really came to light.

“We had actors come in for the Hollywood episode and they’re like ‘Oh my God! Have you seen it?! Have you seen this dead body?! It’s like ‘Yeah, it’s not gross because it’s just a normal gross ‘Bones’ body to me. It’s not even super duper gross in any way.’ He was horrified by the body and I’m like ‘Yeah, I saw it, why? What’s going on with it? What’s wrong? It’s normal.”

The grossest ones do stick out in the cast’s minds, though. Deschanel says “Cinderella in the Cardboard” was a memorable one for her. “There’s one that was flattened between boxes — that was pretty gross.”

Michaela Conlin goes with “The Feet on the Beach.” “I think when they went to the body farm, that was absolutely disgusting. Wasn’t that the worst? It’s rare for me to actually make an audible sound when I’m watching the show because we shoot all day and see it, so then for me to do that — for that one, when that stomach erupted, it was nauseating.”

Hanson says the bathtub body in “The Truth in the Lye” was pretty gross but the ultimate one was during “The Hot Dog in the Competition.” “The snake coming out of the guy — I saw it ten times and every time I ran away.”

Evil puppeteer Nathan has another super-gross one (in addition to “The Gunk in the Garage”). “The one that was the most disgusting and enjoyable was pulling the guy out of the fat and having everything fall out.”

Alright “Bones” fans, your turn: Which body from the past eight season sticks out for you as the grossest, most disgusting one of all, and why? Leave your choice in the comments and we might include it in an upcoming gallery of the grossest “Bones” cases of all time!

Posted by:Jean Bentley