bones brian klugman cast squinter oliver wells fox 'Bones' casting: Brian Klugman is the newest squintern

There is going to be a new face around the Jeffersonian lab when “Bones” Season 8 returns this winter. Brian Klugman has been cast as the newest squintern working for Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

The newest young scientist on the show will be named Oliver Wells (according to a report from TVLine), a fellow smart and confident enough to not be intimidated by the occasionally harsh management style of Brennan. With four degrees under his belt (Are we getting another “Dr.” Squintern like Clark?), some arrogance may be justified.

Oliver will not, of course, be smarter than Temperance Brennan. That’s not allowed on “Bones.”

As an actor, Brian Klugman is best known for his role of radio-station staffer Kirby on “Frasier” and as Charlie in the film, “Cloverfield.” More recently, he appeared in guest-starring roles on “Psych,” “Castle,” “House” and more. Klugman also takes on other roles in the filmmaking process — he wrote, co-directed and acted in 2012’s “The Words” starring Bradley Cooper.

There is no word yet on when we can expect Klugman’s first appearance on “Bones.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown