david boreanaz bones girlfriend casting 'Bones': Casting details for Booth's new girlfriendEver since word broke that Booth (David Boreanaz) would return from Afghanistan with a new girlfriend in Season 6, “Bones” fans have wanted to know how big of a role she’d play — and how they could possibly derail the new development. Well, sources reveal to Zap2it that you won’t have to wait long for his new leading lady to reveal herself. Spoilers ahead!

The potential threat to a blessed Booth/Brennan union is a journalist named Hannah Burley. Turns out Booth actually leaves her behind in Afghanistan to come back to the Jeffersonian in the season premiere. But by Episode 2, she shows up with a new job in the White House press corps, just to be close to her new squeeze.

This isn’t one of Booth’s drive-by girlfriends either. Booth and Burley (ha!) pick up their relationship right where they left it, and without a more convenient housing option for her in the states, they move in together. You can pretty much count on her being a recurring character in the beginning of the new season.

No actress has been cast yet, but Episode 2 starts shooting soon, so a decision is imminent.

Any chance you’re excited for Hannah? Dream casting ideas while there’s still time? Let us know in the comments.

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[Update: EW reports actress Katheryn Winnick, who has a resume of bit parts on “House,” “Criminal Minds” and several “Law & Order” franchises has been picked to play the part and will appear in at least five episodes.]

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