bones sniper arnold vosloo 'Bones' casts 'Mummy' star as Season 6's serial sniper

There’ll be no mystery to the identity of Season 6’s big bad.

EW reports that “Bones” has cast “24” and “Mummy” star Arnold Vosloo as the serial sniper that creator Hart Hanson first hinted at in July.

FOX confirms to Zap2it that Vosloo will be playing the part of sniper Jacob Ripkin Broadsky, set to appear in at least three episodes starting in early 2011.

What still isn’t clear is just how messed up this guy is going to be. He’s been described as the anti-Booth, worse than the gravedigger and possibly even guilty of taking the life of a regular cast member.

The speculation is enough to drive us insane — or be grateful that even the Internet can’t spoil every development on one of our favorite series.

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Photo credit: FOX, Getty Images

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell