and you brought up the alternate reality episode, you mentioned Goodman might be a part of it. So on behalf of all his fans, what happened there?
HH: There are so many boring answers to these questions. He is a busy guy. Jonathan [Adams (Goodman)] works all the time. He's expensive. And we have to go, all right, what do we give up if Jonathan's available. That [alternate reality] story was one that we might have pulled him in for. He was literally one of my favorite actors I've ever worked with. I was nuts about Jonathan. I put a lot of my attitudes and things into his [character's] mouth. And I put a lot of my attitudes into Cam's mouth now. So one of these days it'll work out. The same with Zack, with Eric [Millegan]. He's moving to New York in two weeks, which makes it tougher [to bring him back].

[Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan joins us]

HH: Hey Stephen!

As we look forward to the upcoming season, it has been mentioned that the rumored scene of Booth and Brennan making out might have been a foiler on your part. Care to comment?
HH: [Laughs] I might have been trying to see where the leak comes from, but it could also be in [the episode]. I'm just trying to find out where information gets out from!
Stephen Nathan: Where is the leak? Is there a leak?
HH: Yes!
SN: Oh my God.
HH: How [else] did the [script] page of Brennan and Booth kissing get out into the world?

So it seems safe to say you were just putting that scene out there solely to try and plug any leaks.
HH: There is a very, very romantic moment in the season opener.

But it's not that kiss.
HH: It might be. I'm not saying.

You have gone on record saying there won't be any sex between Booth and Brennan in the upcoming season. Was that to combat all of the pressure of the past year where fans knew sex was going to happen?
HH: Have I said literally that they are not having sex?

It was reported you had said that.
SN: I know what [Hart] meant by that, but it's not necessarily true. I don't think you should listen to everything. He's not always literal.
HH: Yes, and I might have been saying [raises voice in mock exasperation], that's it! They're not having sex! No one's going to yell at me again. My intentions may not have been entirely clear or pure when I said that. I've got to be so careful now [with what I say].
SN: You know, it's too soon to tell. We have 22 episodes. We're shooting episode three now. So many things can happen between now and then. I don't think anybody should say no to anything. Everybody tries to get answers. I'm not saying [that] about you
, but people want to know what exactly is going to happen.
HH: But they don't really, because they like the surprise.

Comic-Con was an interesting experience this year, because you got to hear back from the fans post-finale.
HH: It was. I was absolutely floored when [Comic-Con moderator] Will Keck

said clap if you want them to get together, and then clap if you don't,

and there was more noise for don't get together. It was close.


was incredibly close, but the "don't want them to get together" just

barely nudged out the fans wanting them together. Although I did see

people who clapped for both options.
HH: Emily [Deschanel

(Brennan)] said that! I thought it was the most brilliant thing when

she said, some of you voted twice. And it was like, you know what, it's

like that in our writers room when we talk, it's like that when we talk

to the network, when we talk to the studio. That seems to be about the

right [ratio]. Slightly more people are like, not yet. Let's see how

long we can do this [dance] without driving away the audience. It's a

real juggling act. Who knew this would be the big [issue]… oh, we

knew. We knew the first time they acted in the pilot they had

chemistry. We went, oh no, we've got to figure out when they sleep

together, when they come together.

So do you have a definitive plan for when Booth and Brennan will get together in terms of what season it is? Or is it flexible?


I'm pretty flexible, although I know how it happens and when. I know

when [it happens] in the life of the characters, I don't know when in

the life of the series. I've always known — I can't say too

much about it — [but I know] how that happens. I believe that with a

series — and it sounds flaky, but it's the only way I'm flaky, I

promise you — you just have to listen to the series and watch the

series and try not to listen too much to the fans. It's impossible not

to [listen to the fans] though. And you talk to the actors and the

people who are there every day and try and figure out how it's going.

And you have to be flexible that way, I think.
SN: The fans don't want to see [Booth and Brennan do it]. They might say they do, but they don't. Because that's why they're

watching. They don't want it to end. It's tantric sex. That's what

we're doing. "Bones" is tantric sex. It's a show Sting will like.

[Stephen leaves]

What an exit!
HH: He's like that all the time.

Back to the new season, we know that Cyndi Lauper is coming on as a psychic, but can we expect any other familiar faces?
HH: We're going to cast Booth's grandfather. We have someone we really want, but I can't talk about it in case we don't get him, and then the person we get [will feel] horrible. We can't have that. And I was just talking to Ryan O'Neal's best friend to see how he was, and we'd like to have him back [as Brennan's father]. And I've got an idea for one more intern I'd like to bring in. A severely bipolar intern.

Brennan would probably have a hard time dealing with those kinds of emotional issues on a regular basis.
HH: Yeah, to her it would appear to be completely irrational behavior. So it's fun.

And Brendan Fehr is returning as Jared, correct?
HH: Jared will be back. I'm guessing [for] two or three [episodes]. I definitely have two ideas for him. And things pop up, where I think, oh, that would be good for Jared. Someone's going to snap him up though. All these actors we have, [like] the interns, they're all really good. We don't have them in holding deals, they're just guest stars, so we go to them and hope they are available. It's brutal.

How about the other characters who are regulars? I'm hearing Angela and Sweets will be spending a good deal of time together, yes?
HH: Everyone wants to work with John [Francis Daley (Sweets)]. And he really has a good thing going with Michaela [Conlin (Angela)]. Him and Angela are fun.

And some fans have noted they have some tension, possibly romantic, sexual, something along those lines. Will that be played up this year?
HH: Yes, that's right. It's there. Did I tell you Angela's going to break her celibacy [vow]? I'm not saying with who though.

Can you say if it's with a male or a female?
HH: Male. And someone we know.

If it's Booth she sleeps with…
HH: I'm not saying it's not Booth.

Nice use of the double negative. Anything you can tease to about the 100th episode?

HH: David [Boreanaz (Booth)] is scheduled to shoot it. We don't know what the story is yet. But it's our 100th episode, so we have to do something a little big.

Oh God, the body is going to be disgustingly grotesque, isn't it?
HH: Oh, we have such disgusting bodies this year.

I'm not a squeamish person, but that Comic-Con montage of the bodies had even me a little uncomfortable.
HH: I know, right? Isn't that something? When we were looking at them all together, we were going, oh my God, this is our signature. We're revolting. We're the most revolting show on at eight o'clock. And then we make jokes about it. That's what we want: vomit and then laughter.

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