david boreanaz bones 100th ep party 320 'Bones': David Boreanaz spills on Booth's 'aggressive' new love interestIt’s been a long time coming, but Thursday (April 22) on “Bones,” a woman — whose name isn’t Brennan — catches Booth’s eye.

I know, I know. It hurts us, too.

But as we’ve said before, peep the evil eye Brennan’s giving this Dr. Bryar chick (Rena Sofer). Maybe this will be what it takes for her to realize she wants to take a chance on a relationship with Booth.

And in the meantime, Booth deserves a little bit of happiness after his heartbreak, no?

Korbi TV caught up with David Boreanaz recently and got his take on the newest lady in Booth’s life.

“[Dr. Bryar]’s a totally different type of character,” Boreanaz says in the video below. “She’s a little bit of an aggressive, strong personality. Not to say that Brennan [doesn’t have a strong personality], but Brennan is all about the facts. … It’s an interesting dynamic for how it unfolds.”

Take a look:

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Posted by:Marisa Roffman