david boreanaz bones 100 episode party large 'Bones' David Boreanaz to fans: He's in pain but will 'get thru this'David Boreanaz has talked to the press and his wife Jaime Bergman about his infidelity, so now it’s time to face the fans.

The “Bones” following is incredibly loyal, so it’s no surprise that the actor decided to address his situation, albeit through creator Hart Hanson.

]]>tweeted the following message on Wednesday afternoon (May 5): “David Boreanaz has asked me to express to fans his sincere pain, thanks for support, and determination that his family will ‘get thru this.'” Boreanaz came out about his infidelity on Monday (May 3) in order to defuse a possible blackmail situation in which his former lover was trying to get money in exchange for not revealing the affair. The actor has been married nearly nine years and has two children with Bergman. “Bones” recently celebrated its 100th episode on the air and will air its fifth season finale on May 20. Follow Zap2it and Zap2itHanh on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook  for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. More David Boreanaz dish: Jaime Bergman’s mother says David Boreanaz’ mistresses are ‘like serial killers’
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