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You have to give “The Mob Doctor” points for trying. The struggling freshman show (it got only 13 episodes from FOX) is nearing the end of its run, but at least they’re trying to attract a few more eyes before it all ends. And they’re doing it with a little help from veteran hit show, “Bones.”

The New Year’s Eve episode of “The Mob Doctor” will feature a whole bunch of shout-outs and Easter eggs from “Bones.” So you “Bones” fans out there might just want to give the crime/doctor show one last try.

The whole crossover thing comes because Josh Berman, the show’s executive producer, used to be a producer and writer over on “Bones.” As it turns out, Berman is still friends with the folks at his old show. “I thought it would be nice to reward Bones fans with secret clues in the episode,” Berman told TVLine.

What sorts of Easter eggs might we see? Berman didn’t give away many clues beforehand, but the names of a guard dog and of a patient may be “Bones”-related.

If you do decide to watch “The Mob Doctor” for the eggs, Josh Berman is ready to reward you: The first person to tweet **all of the “Bones” Easter eggs to Berman (@bermanjosh) will get a prize.

For those fans who watch “The Mob Doctor” for itself, this episode, “Sibling Rivalry,” focuses on the complicated relationships between brothers and sisters. Brett’s (Zach Gilford) estranged brother shows up at the ER. Grace’s (Jordana Spiro) brother, Nate (Jesse Lee Soffer), meanwhile captures a racehorse. As you do.

The “Sibling Rivalry” episode of “The Mob Doctor” airs on Monday, Dec. 31 at 9pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown