hart hanson stephen nathan bones 320 'Bones': Producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan dissect the 100th episode“Bones” fans, as the 100th episode proved, we haven’t exactly been privy to as much of Booth and Brennan’s relationship as we might’ve originally thought.

Now that we know Booth and Brennan shared their first kiss during their initial case together, the question became, when did the writers know that very important fact?

Korbi TV recently caught up with “Bones” creator Hart Hanson and executive producer Stephen Nathan and their answer to that question might surprise some of you.

“Oh, we knew in the pilot that there had been something,” Hanson says in the clip below. “Because you don’t hate someone that much just because they don’t work well with you. Don’t you think?”

“It’s a five year nefarious plan,” Nathan adds. “And I think it’s been well-hid.”

And then they start laughing.

Think they’re pulling our leg? 

Maybe they only decided on it this season? 
Who knows.
But if this has been planned from the beginning, it does explain a lot of Booth and Brennan’s heavily tense scenes early in the series.

Though should we even trust what we saw? After all, when Booth started his tale to Sweets, he began with a lie. That pool hall certainly didn’t seem like a gamblers’ anonymous meeting.

However, they’d never do that to the fans, would they? Hanson did promise us that “what happens in the [100th episode]
so we decided we’re going to trust that.

Even though he did tease us with a “…Or it didn’t,” in the clip. “This is [like] life,” he says. “Don’t you think this is a good mirror of life? You never quite know what’s going on.”

“You want to keep people off balance,” agrees Nathan.

“We started [and] the first thing in the story was a big fat lie,” Hanson says.

They were joking.

We think.

As you’ll see in the video, Hanson and Nathan were getting a little too much enjoyment out of making fun of each other… and us.

And we weren’t their only targets. Take a look at the video to see which other television shows they call out for being more cryptic than they are…

Is it just us, or did Nathan’s description of “Lost” sound suspiciously like what Carlton Cuse told us about the finale?

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