bones fan proposal videos fox 'Bones' fans get engaged on the set with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel

There are lots of ways to make a proposal memorable, but how many compare to “Bones” fans getting engaged on the set of their favorite show? Add in the assistance of Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz (and jokes from Ryan O’Neal) and the engagement of Kelsey Goff and Michael Scott truly began in epic fashion.

How did this happen? In the fall of 2013, “Bones” ran a contest for fans in which the prize was a visit to the show’s set in Los Angeles. Goff entered on behalf of herself and her boyfriend. When she won, the surprise proposal was set in motion.

Up until the moment the proposal happened, poor Scott didn’t really know it was going to happen. The result? He said yes, and a great deal of laughter followed.

After the proposal, Zap2it chatted with Deschanel and Boreanaz about proposals.

Goff and Scott obviously had the most to say about their big day. How could their upcoming wedding possibly top this?

Whether the couple goes big or small, they definitely have a memory for their engagement. Congratulations!

Posted by:Laurel Brown