bones season 8 david boreanaz 'Bones': FOX expects David Boreanaz to stay past Season 8“Bones” star David Boreanaz caused a stir recently with a series of tweets saying he might be a “free agent” after the show’s eighth season ends.

Creator Hart Hanson later said he wasn’t planning Season 8 as a swan song for the show. Monday (July 23), FOX Entertainment president Kevin Reilly said he too thinks both the show and Boreanaz will stick around past this season.

“We’re negotiating with David. I don’t expect it to be the case” that he leaves the show, Reilly says. “‘Bones’ has really been one of the mainstays of our schedule … I certainly expect David to be part of it.”

Boreanaz also clarified his “free agent” comment while talking to reporters at Comic-Con, saying he didn’t mean he was definitely leaving the show after Season 8.

“I think that as a person, just in general, that you have to always be open to options, and as an artist see where things will take you,” he said. “Personal business decisions are always made behind closed doors and should remain that way, but for me to go out and tweet annoying magic to certain people is fun to do. There’s always a message in there somewhere.”

Season 8 of “Bones” premieres Monday, Sept. 17, and Boreanaz will definitely be part of it.

— Additional reporting by Jean Bentley

Posted by:Rick Porter