conan-obrien-320.jpg“Bones” just beat “CSI” in the ratings game last week, but show creator Hart Hanson isn’t exactly delighting in being the current time slot victor. Apparently he’s got friends on that show, on ABC’s “The Deep End” and on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” too.

Now, if you’re a rabid fan of “Bones,” you probably know that “Parks and Rec” star Aziz Ansari was having quite the Twitter war with Hart, talking all kinds of smack about the FOX drama, but it turns out Mr. Hanson took it all in a stride.

“I’m so sorry that [Aziz just called off the Twitter feud],” Hart says in the clip below. “I know that some of the fans were actually mad at him, but I found him to be stinkin’ hilarious. And plus, he’s cool. And, you know, we’ll take some cool quotient off of him.”

As for the idea of Aziz guesting on “Bones” at some point, Hart is down: “What a good idea.”

But Aziz isn’t the only dude on Hart’s wish list.

“I would like Conan [O’Brien] to come and write on the show.”

And now that Conan is, well, unemployed, perhaps he’d consider it. One ep? For fun?

not as far-fetched as you might think. After all, there is quite a bit of talk about FOX developing a late night show for Mr. O’Brien as soon as his NBC contract is up.
In the meantime, how ’bout a cameo, Coco?
“Maybe we could find the world’s tallest skeleton,” Hart laughs. “Flash back to [it being] Conan… His entire body was oppositely scalped. The only thing left is the [red] hair.”
See for yourself…

What do you guys think? Coco on “Bones”?

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

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