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Money doesn’t buy happiness. With “Bones” featuring a rich man’s daughter seemingly kidnapped and murdered, plus Hodgins finding out he has an institutionalized and schizophrenic brother, that may be the theme of “The Heiress on the Hill.”

You think your family is dysfunctional?

The victim of the week, Lauren Frank, comes from a highly dysfunctional family. Although she lived with her father and stepmother in a crazy nice mansion, Lauren was angry at everyone, especially her stepmother.

How did she deal with this? The young woman faked her own kidnapping — complete with the removal of her own toe — in order to get ransom money out of her parents and escape to South America with her boyfriend. Unfortunately for Lauren, she cut the toe with rusty clippers and contracted tetanus. Her accomplice — the family’s dog walker who thought Lauren was in love with him — tried to save the young woman with penicillin.

It’s just too bad that Lauren was allergic to the antibiotic and died following a seizure. But the automated text messages she had set up for ransom demands keep coming, adding a fresh level of horror to her family’s ordeal.

In the end, there’s only one question that seems important: With what crimes will the dog walker be charged? He dismembered and hid Lauren’s body. He also gave her the fatal dose of penicillin. But all of the intent was from the victim. Does that make for involuntary manslaughter?

Whatever the case, it’s very messed up.

The Hodgins family was pretty dysfunctional too

Dr. Jack Hodgins gets the personal spotlight in “The Heiress on the Hill.” Despite believing for his whole life that he was an only child, it turns out that Hodgins has an older brother. His parents committed Jeffrey Hodgins to an institution shortly before their younger son’s birth.

And then never mentioned the guy ever again? How messed up is that? No wonder Hodgins spends most of the episode in a wild panic.

Even crazier, Hodgins only finds out about the schizophrenic brother because his institution is really expensive. Since the Hodgins family fortune got stolen by Christopher Pelant last year, poor Jeffrey is looking at life in a state institution.

Booth and Brennan try to use book-royalty money to help out Hodgins with the costs, but he is too proud to do anything but take out a loan (couldn’t he take Brennan’s money as a loan?). That decision and Fisher’s weirdly candid admission that being in a mental hospital isn’t always a bad thing help Hodgins accept his brother a little better.

Of course, hearing that he was going to be moved, Jeffrey runs away. Hodgins finds the man and manages to convince him that they are brothers via a shared love of Jules Verne. It’s very sweet.

You still have to wonder about the Hodgins parents hiding away their crazy son though. What’s up with that?

Charity time!

Booth spends much of “The Heiress on the Hill” stressed because Brennan has given him her check for $75,000. When Hodgins refuses the money, Booth swallows enough of his pride to go the joint-checking-account route.

He also comes up with a charity he wants to fund — the Wounded Warrior Project. That’s very much a real charity and even more a charity that Booth would want to support. That works!

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