bones oliver wells the fact in the fiction brian klugman fox 'Bones': How does the new squintern in 'The Fact in the Fiction' compare?

Dr. Oliver Wells (Brian Klugman) arrived in “The Fact in the Fiction” to be the newest squintern rotating through the crime-fighting world of “Bones.” But how does Wells measure up against his competition? Using standards of education, social skills and sheer entertainment value,


Dr. Wells is easily one of the best-educated of the squinterns. Like Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd), Wells has a PhD. On top of this, he has a whole pile of Masters degrees.

Without doctorates of their own, the others don’t have a chance.


You need to be smart in order to finish all of those degrees in a reasonable amount of time. Since most of the other squinterns have but one field of study, Wells — with his widely varied advanced degrees (Law? Seriously?) — totally wins there.

On the other hand, this might just be an inability to focus. There’s a good chance that Wells can’t compete with the “Jeopardy”-winning former squintern, Vincent Nigel-Murray (Ryan Cartwright).

And unless Wells picked up a bunch of those advanced degrees before the age of 20, he definitely doesn’t have the brains of child genius/delinquent Finn Abernathy (Luke Kleintank).

Common sense

He eats in the lab and brings human skulls into a diner filled with people. In terms of common sense, Wells may be down at the bottom of the list. Even Daisy’s (Carla Gallo) well-meaning literalism and Fisher’s (Joel Moore) inviolable negativity are more sensible than this guy.


Multiple degrees indicate a wide range of interests. Plus, Wells has theories about ghosts and stuff. But does he write poetry like Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat)? Did he spend time working in the family auto shop like Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry)?

If not, Wells isn’t the winner of the well-roundedness contest.


Whether misplaced or not, Wells is one confident fellow. One might say cocky even. His constant need to tell everyone how awesome he is may be super annoying, but it is also confident.

Not that Brennan’s squinterns lack for confidence most of the time. Daisy, for example, thinks of herself as perfect in most physical and mental capacities. She is almost as annoying about this confidence too.


Wells is kind of annoying. This is hardly unusual for squinterns on “Bones” of course (see above, re: Daisy). Still, the guy does fall rather low on the scale of likability.

This would be the scale that runs from Wendell and Vaziri (the super-likable ones) on down to Daisy and Fisher (the ones that make you want to slit your wrists, albeit for different reasons). We’ll have to see more of the guy before his exact position can be determined.

So what did you think about Dr. Oliver Wells?

Posted by:Laurel Brown