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Ah, poetry! It speaks to the heart in ways that reason cannot understand!

At least I think that’s what “The Bod in the Pod,” wanted us to take away from this “Bones” episode. Considering that Cam (Tamara Taylor) fell into vaguely inappropriate love and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) solved a crime by trusting her gut, reason had very little place at the Jeffersonian this week.

The Case: “Do not fall into the remains, Dr. Hodgins.”

Let’s get the mundane details out of the way first.

A body, encased in a sealed, plastic pod, washes up on a garbage-filled beach. Although the victim’s teeth are missing, Angela (Michaela Conlin) reconstructs the skull so that Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan can identify the man as Charles “Lucky” Millner. It turns out that Lucky was in the business of crime-scene cleanup, a trade the killer in which the killer was expert as well.

So who did it? The evidence and suspicions offer us Lucky’s lumberyard girlfriend, his cheated-on wife, his stepson, Davy, and a business rival, Melvin Carville (guest star Brad William Henke).

The Killer: “It’s Melvin Carville!”

The evidence doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. And there’s not very much of it, thanks to lots of cleanup efforts.

That’s OK. Brennan has a gut feeling. “It’s Melvin Carville!”

Considering how rarely Brennan is ever willing to trust anything other than hard, empirical evidence, you would think that the others would jump on this right away. Nope — it takes awhile.

Eventually, however, everyone agrees that Melvin did it. The FBI and Jeffersonian techs rip apart the entire house in search of clues — we see this in a rap-scored montage — Brennan saves the day by finding some blood with a hairdryer. Really.

The blood shows evidence of knee-prints. Since these are distinctive, the FBI is able to prove that Melvin Carville is indeed the killer.

The boyfriend: “You are totally making it with the boss!”

Remember how Cam was dating her daughter’s gynecologist? For oh-so-many reasons, we can now be thankful that that’s over. She has a new boyfriend now. A secret boyfriend!

Who is this mystery man? As we find out, through the beautiful medium of Farsi poetry, Cam’s new love is a squintern — Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat).

The poetry: “You’re a political exile. That is so cool!”

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t expect the mystery boyfriend to be Vaziri. Apparently, we don’t know much of anything about this guy. In “The Bod in the Pod,” we learn that he is a published poet, an exile from Iran (even though I was sure the guy was American last time we checked) and a rather sensual lover.

What sort of poetry does Vaziri write? That’s kind of hard to say, since it’s all written in Farsi. That language is incredible for poetry, by the way. Unfortunately, I don’t remember how to speak Farsi and can’t give any good translations.

Hodgins (TJ Thyne) tries to translate the poems with the help of a computer. But this is what he gets:

“You are my carburetor!”


“Bacon is silent. Listen to all that we scrub!”

Kind of speaks to the heart, doesn’t it? Of course Cam had to fall for this guy!

Posted by:Laurel Brown