john-daley-bones-320.jpgThe show title “Bones” is a little misleading.

Sure, there are murder cases to solve and there is forensic anthropology happening and FBI work and blah blah blah.

At the end of the day, “Bones” is all about the love.

And yes, Booth and Brennan get much of the attention, but there are several other couples (and would-be couples) bringing the drama every week as well.

I mean, the Sweets/Daisy relationship has been all about drama from the start and his recent indiscretion, cheating on her with an “Avatar”-loving floozy only stepped it all up a notch.

In the aftermath, we spent some one-on-one time with John Francis Daley (Sweets) because we felt like he had some explaining to do…

Sweets has been a bad, bad boy. How is this infidelity going to impact his relationship with Daisy?

John Francis Daley: I don’t know, it hasn’t been touched on yet. But it is certainly something worth talking about. I think [Sweets] would probably still feel a certain amount of guilt for having done that.

I imagine Daisy wouldn’t react well to knowing that her Lancelot cheated on her.

You wouldn’t want to see her angry. I’m sure it’s kind of like she turns into the Hulk.

A Hulk who uses emoticons to express herself. She’d probably say she “h8s” him.

In green font.

Since Daisy is still in the dark, should we expect to see more of their relationship to come?

There [will soon be] more to their relationship than there is now.

Do you think they have what it takes to be a long-term couple?

Their relationship will definitely progress. You’ll definitely see [more of] her.


So interesting in fact that we decided to dig a little further, chatting up Carla Gallo (Daisy), who admits in the clip below that there are changes to the Sweets-Daisy relationship on tap.

Whether or not they will be getting pregnant or possibly at the center of the “marriage” storyline that show creator Hart Hanson has been teasing, Gallo says she doesn’t know. She does, however, want it to happen.

“Are you kidding me? That would be like my dream situation,” she laughed, going on to talk about how she’s kind of in love with Sweets/John and how she actually feels genuinely jealous over the on-screen affair he had…

Take a look…

The girl knows what she wants I guess.

Questions is, what do you guys want?

Think Daisy/Carla should throw down for her man?

Would you like to see them tie the knot?

Start talking…

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

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