john francis daley carla gallo 320 'Bones': John Francis Daley and Carla Gallo on Sweets' book, big season finale“Bones” fans, I think we owe John Francis Daley‘s Sweets an apology.

After all, when Sweets used Booth’s brain scans to talk him out of telling Brennan he loved her in the fifth season premiere, some fans were understandably upset.

However, considering how badly Booth’s declaration of love went over in the 100th episode, it seems Sweets had the right idea all along.

Um, our bad.

Korbi TV offered an apology to John Francis Daley when we caught up with him recently, but he was more concerned about Sweets’ latest error.

“I was right, but in my mind I was wrong because I wrote this book about [Booth and Brennan] that ends up being totally inaccurate,” Daley explains in the clip below. “No fact-checking. At least [Sweets] didn’t get [the book] published. That would have been awkward.”

Now that Sweets does have more information about Booth and Brennan’s past, might he try and write another book about the duo sometime in the future?

“I would hope,” Daley says. “I would hope that he wouldn’t give up that easily. I don’t think of him as that type of person. He’s not a quitter.”

He might not be a quitter, but we’re guessing Sweets won’t be handling the new changes in the Booth/Brennan dynamic all that well.  

“No, not at all,” Daley confirms. “And this [season] finale really leaves a lot of open questions as to the whole relationship of Booth and Brennan.”

“[Booth and Brennan] have a whole ‘What do we mean [to each other]? What are we doing?’ [decision to make],” Carla Gallo (Daisy) adds. “And [Daisy and Sweets] have sort of the same thing [in their own relationship].”


Take a look at the video for that and to see how the Sweets and Daisy dynamic works in real life…


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