bones booth mail fox 'Bones' lets David Boreanaz shine in heartfelt episodeWhile “Bones” has focused mostly on the dynamic between Booth and Brennan during Season 7 as they endure Brennan’s pregnancy and await the arrival of their child, “The Male in the Male” was a shining moment for David Boreanaz and a breakthrough for Booth and Brennan’s relationship.

The case, which surrounded the discovery of a dismembered body in a package at the US Postal Service, wasn’t noteworthy (aside from the fact that Cory Matthews Ben Savage played the killer and Tina Majorino came back as an FBI analyst excited to work with the gang again) — instead it was Booth’s side plot involving his father’s death that was the real treat of the episode.
Booth’s grandfather came to town and informed Seeley that his father had died. They weren’t close, and Booth decided to push his feelings down instead of addressing the emotions he was experiencing. Brennan wanted to help but didn’t know how. 
Boreanaz was fantastic in his scenes of emotional anguish, culminating in Brennan delicately pointing out that he should remember the good times he and his father shared. It showed more of Booth emotionally than we’ve seen in a while, and was a great moment reminding us that these two do love each other. They’re closer as a couple now more than ever, and this really seemed like a turning point in their relationship.
This was definitely a highlight of Season 7 for us. What did you think of the episode?
Posted by:Jean Bentley