michael-terry-bones-320.jpgWendell (Michael Terry) has stepped in as Angela’s (Michaela Conlin) love interest of late on “Bones” and fans of the show have had a mixed reaction to this.

Because “Bones”‘ viewers are so very passionate, I asked Michael Terry if he’s getting bombarded with people’s opinions of his on-screen relationship.

He says he’s not, but series creator Hart Hanson has warned him: “Be prepared for people to hate you.”

“I’m already prepared for that because I know that everyone loves “Hodgela,” says Terry in the clip below. “You know, Angela and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) together.”

Terry is cool with that though. “You don’t want everybody to like you. Otherwise, it’s boring. You know,
I think that you need some people hating you and some people liking
you. So fans can get on either side and hopefully my side will be
bigger!” he jokes.

As far as long term potential for Angela and Wendell goes, Terry says he’s not too sure, but he thinks the pair has a shot. Whatever happens, however, he’s sure it’ll make for great TV.

What he’s truly hoping for, though, is some conflict between Wendell and Hodgins.

When I suggested a fist fight, he got excited: “T.J. and I were talking about that… we wanted like a big fight through the lab where beakers are crashing. I think that would be really good. Get a little aggression out, you know?”

You want to see Wendell and Hodgins have it out?

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh