bones cam angela fox 'Bones': Michaela Conlin and Tamara Taylor tease what's next

“Bones” has been on a mini-winter break for the past month, but after tonight’s new episode (Thursday, Jan. 12), it’ll be gone for several months. (Cue our loud sniffles.)
To tide us over until then, Zap2it spoke with Michaela Conlin (Angela) and Tamara Taylor (Cam) to try to eke out any potential spoilers for the second half of the season. Here’s how we fared:
Taylor promises plenty of intern-related incidents. “We’ve got, of course, more madcap hijinks with the interns. My daughter dates one of the interns, which is a whole crazy thing. We’re shooting that one now,” she spills. “Boyfriend’s coming back, and that’s kind of all I know right now.”
So Cam gets a little romance in her life? “Romance would be really really good. I keep on joking with Hart [Hanson, executive producer] that I want a dark past. Never gonna happen, but it would be really fun to play.”
Conlin wasn’t very forthcoming either, but she did talk in very vague terms about the episode. (Basically, she could be talking about every episode.)
“There’s a serial killer,” she shares. “Someone’s going to solve a crime, and it’s going to be us! I’m going to use some cool [tools], I’m going to make some cool programs! I can’t really tease any more than that. I will say there’s a really gross bone fragment. Okay, that’s totally not a spoiler. That’s every episode. But this one, for me, was particularly gross.”
While we won’t have any new episodes for a while, the cast is back at work shooting after taking a break for star Emily Deschanel‘s maternity leave. “It’s been great [back on set],” Conlin says. “It was nice to have a break after seven years of long seasons. Emily’s been wonderful. She’s been back at work like she hasn’t missed a beat.”
As for stuff we’ll see in that second half of the season, Conlin promises some fun Bones/Angela action. “There are some great scenes with Brennan and Angela coming up that will be great,” she tells Zap2it. “Obviously they’re both moms, so there’s been some fun stuff that we’ve gotten to do together.”
Posted by:Jean Bentley