michaela conlin bones 100th ep party 320 'Bones': Michaela Conlin discusses the latest 'Hodgela' development[Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the May 6 episode of “Bones,” go watch it. Then come back to find out what Michaela Conlin has to say about the hour.]

Still here? Awesome.

Can we squee a little?

Nearly three years after their first attempted wedding, Angela and Hodgins took the plunge in tonight’s episode and got married while in jail.

Sure, it was a little rushed — they went from talking about their breakup, to kissing, to hitched in a flash — but we’ll take it. They’re adorable.

Korbi TV caught up with Michaela Conlin (Angela), who says we aren’t the only ones excited about the latest Hodgela development.

“I feel good about it, of course,” Conlin shares in the video below. “There’s been so much push and pull between the two of them for years.”

But just because the duo got over the issues that have kept them apart, don’t expect it to be smooth sailing from here on out.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a happy-go-lucky marriage for the two of them at all,” Conlin says. “Not that it’s going to go badly. They’re very different [people], which is great. I think the opposites attract thing, we’ll see a lot of in the coming season.”

One person who won’t be so happy about their legal union: Billy Gibbons. Angela’s disapproving father returns in the final hour of the season, and there will be some serious hoops for Hodgins to jump through in order to win his approval.

“He puts Hodgins to a big test, actually,” Conlin says. “And we’ll see if Hodgins passes or not. It’s a pretty grueling test.”

Check it out…

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