michaela conlin bones vid 3 'Bones': Michaela Conlin on love in Angela's life, being a Brennan Booth 'shipper'Is “Bones”‘ Angela in love with Wendell (Michael Terry)?

“I don’t know about ‘in love’,” Michaela Conlin says in the clip below, “[But] her focus seems to be on Wendell temporarily. Or permanently. We’ll see.”

Would she like to see an eventual reunion between Angela and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne)?

“I’d love to see them back together,” Michaela admits. “I’m really enjoying getting to work with all these different people and I think Angela needed to take this time to figure out what it is that she wants and I don’t even think she really knows yet. But I know that she’s always loved him… eventually, hopefully, the two of them will be together.”

Angela and Hodgins, however, aren’t the only characters she wants to see united in love: “[Angela]’s such a big Brennan and Booth ‘shipper’ I think. I mean, she’s kind of the original! She’s holding tight for those two. I think she’s always known. She hasn’t even really panicked because she kinda knows that the two of them are going to end up together.”

Could Angela’s confidence in the pair come from something that went down a year before the “Bones” pilot? Something that we’ll see in the series’ upcoming 100th episode?


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