emily deschanel david boreanaz bones dentisti in the ditch 320 'Bones' mixes things up a littleWhat do a former prostitute and Brennan’s father have in common? Since when is Brennan the one reminding Booth that love conquers all? And…um…has “Bones” finally elevated the oft-overlooked rhubarb to vegetable stardom?

Okay, ignore that last one. I just thought three questions in a row sounded better. (And it does, right?) Onward to the answers…

The Case: Adding to the list of gross things that can happen to bodies, Civil War re-enactors find a dentist’s skeleton encased in clay and covered in spider eggs. Which hatch in the lab. Causing spiders to pour out like a hoard of very tiny (but not tiny enough) Orcs, swarming all over the block of clay. Yeah, I’m with Cam, here. Ugggh. Other fascinating and macabre discoveries: a tank full of rhubarb and hot water will magically get clay off of bones, and seeds can grow in a skull and fracture it from the inside out. 

Danny, our dentist, had more suspected murderers than you’d expect for a supposedly nice guy. Kinda makes you wonder who’d be on your list of suspects if someone offed you, doesn’t it? No? Just me? Moving on…there’s the contractor squatting in his house, the bow-hunting ex-boyfriend with whom he had a bad breakup, the adulterous dental hygienist who tried to claim he gave her Hepatitis C at work, and finally, the ex-boyfriend who wasn’t ready to come out of the closet and kept their relationship secret.

After Mr. Nigel-Murray and Cam miss it, Dr. Brennan realizes that a nick in one of Danny’s bones indicates a probable arterial bleed-out. The nick contains metal used in dental tools, and the dental hygienist lives in an area with all the pollen and spiders and such found on the body. But wait! Her driveway is also paved with the same stones as Danny’s – which the contractor claimed to have left over and sold to her at a discount. Or, more accurately, which the contractor stole from Danny. 

The contractor claims self-defense: Danny attacked him after discovering the theft and he lashed out with a tool, cutting Danny’s artery by accident. Oh, and he also didn’t want to lose his license for a measly offense like stealing from a client. Uncool, man. This does NOT make me feel good about the kitchen renovation I’m about to undertake.

Booth and Brennan: Jared Booth is back from India! And he’s madly in love with one Padme Dalaj, and considering marriage – after a month together. Hmmm…that’s quite the contrast to Booth’s M.O., isn’t it? Though Padme seems like a wholesome grade school teacher from Virginia, Booth finds her “hinky.” When Brennan calls him on his “true love” reversal, he tells her that he’s learning to be rational from Temperance “The heart is just a muscle” Brennan and goes full steam ahead with a background check on Padme.

Though the psych major in me needs to point out that Booth clearly wants something to be wrong with Jared’s fast-tracked relationship to excuse Booth’s inaction with Brennan, it looks like his hinkiness radar is as accurate as ever since Padme used to be an escort. Oh, dear. Jared is rightfully furious when Booth breaks the news. Before telling him to go to hell, Jared points out that if Booth were in his shoes, he’d make his own judgment.

Poor Brennan is literally sick to her stomach about Booth’s suddenly abandoning his belief system (and basically blaming it on her). She brilliantly reminds him that he helped her forget her father’s past so that they could have a relationship, and asks him to explain the difference between her father and Padme. You know, logically.

Jared asks to see Booth and Brennan, and while they wait Booth wonders if she thinks what he did was wrong. She’s not sure, but she fails to see the point of being right, reminding him that Jared making up his own mind wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. To Jared’s credit, he and Padme have been completely honest with each other from the get-go, so he simply wants to know if Booth is in or out. He’s in, and he’s best man. It’s pretty great to see Brennan help Booth with something interpersonal – I know I’ve said this before, but she’s come a long way.

So long, in fact, that she gives this toast: “When Booth and I first met, I didn’t believe that such a thing as love existed. I maintained that it was simply brain chemistry. But perhaps Booth is correct. Perhaps love comes first and then creates the reaction. I have no tangible proof…but I’m willing to accept Booth’s premise.” And they toast to love. Well, they’re laying on the Booth/Brennan subtext so thickly it’s become supertext these days, which I’d imagine isn’t for everyone…but since the toast made me smile, I’m not complaining.

Squint Squad: Mr. Nigel-Murray and his random facts are also back, and I’m pleased to say he’s growing on me thanks to some added three-dimensionality. Way to no longer be my least favorite NotZack, buddy. (Though I’ll certainly be happy to see the real Zack in April!) He’s feeling a little insecure during this case, and desperately scrambles for Brennan’s verbal approval. Which could get annoying, but he was really adorably pleased once Cam finally squeezed a compliment out of Brennan.

Plus, he and Hodgins play pretty well off each other. And come on, “Rhubarb!!!” is maybe my favorite quote of the episode. Well, that or “I only have inappropriate comments off the phrase ‘repeated tugging.'” I think the British accent made that quote at least 75% funnier.

No Wendell again this week – do you miss him yet? What did you think about Booth and Brennan’s role reversal?

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