bones signs in the silence 'Bones': Only 13 episodes of Season 7 for now, FOX 'would like' Season 8FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly seemed optimistic about keeping “Bones” alive after the upcoming game-changing Season 7, which sees Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) having a baby together.

“We haven’t had any discussions yet,” Reilly said to the crowd at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “I think the producer would like to keep it going. We’d like to keep it going.”

The move to Thursday has also been a boon to the series’ success, which brought the strongest ratings in its six-season tenure on the network.

“We’ve been pretty darn happy with the performance of ‘Bones’ on Thursday night,” Reilly continues, pointing at how it thrives while other procedurals have flagged. “That’s a really valuable show to us.”

The mid-season introduction of pseudo-spin-off “The Finder” could also work in “Bones” favor. “We have nothing coming in that could replace it, other than I think, “Finder,'” Reilly says. “I can see those shows being compatible.”

After Reilly’s executive session, he spoke with reporters on stage, noting that Deschanel’s pregnancy has currently curbed the “Bones” Season 7 episode count to just 13, with “Finder” coming in at mid-season. He added that this could change if Deschanel is up for more after her maternity leave.

They’re also curbing talk of “Bones'” long-term future until later in the year, perhaps after seeing the audience reaction to the typically shark-jumping storyline of the perennially “will they?/won’t they?” couple becoming parents.

As for Season 7, a sizable bit of casting news also came in before Reilly’s discussion. TVGuide reports “No Ordinary Family” and “Gossip Girl” actor Luke Kleintank landed a potentially recurring role as a new Jeffersonian squintern.

Kleintank will play a genius named Finn Abernathy, who earned his college degree at only 16. He’s also something of a southern gentleman.

Expect maybe a few more changes on the squintern front. After all, Season 6 saw the loss of one of the most familiar members of the team when Vincent Nigel-Murray (Ryan Carwright) was felled by sniper Jacob Broadsky (Arnold Vosloo).

Excited for a new squintern — or do you think it might finally be time for the Jeffersonian crew to pick a Zack replacement and stay with it?

And, more importantly, what would become of the world if there were just 13 episodes left to “Bones”?

Season 7 of “Bones” premieres Thursday, Nov. 3, at 9:00 p.m. ET on FOX.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell