bones the ghost in the killer brennan emily deschanel fox 'Bones': Pelant and murder questions in 'The Ghost in the Killer'

“The Ghost in the Killer” represents a rarity in the “Bones” world — an episode in which the investigations are left open. There may or may not be a new serial killer in play. Pelant might have just been taunting Brennan, or he may have been trying to “help” her. A suspect either committed suicide or was killed.

Unlike most “Bones” episodes, none of these questions have answers. Thus it falls to viewers to guess what the answers might be to the following questions.

1. Is there a Ghost Killer?

According to Christopher Pelant’s final mind game, there is an unknown serial killer out there. This person — a woman — has never been caught and leaves no definitive evidence in her wake.

But “no definitive evidence” means that even Brennan can’t just find connections between potential victims. What she does find are tentative clues that could easily mean something else.

2. Is Brennan obsessed, or is she on to something?

As Brennan herself points out, there are too many coincidences. That, however, is the problem: coincidences. Everything that points to a serial killer seems coincidental in nature. These include stab wounds from something like a fencing foil and ripped fingernails.
Will these coincidences prove to be important, or is Brennan really driving herself nuts?

3. Did Trent McNamara kill Lana Brewster or did he want to find her killer instead?

The episode ends with two mutually exclusive possibilities regarding the main suspect. Either Trent killed Lana Brewster back in 1995 and then killed himself out of guilt in the present, or else Trent was not the original killer and desperately wanted that person found. Unfortunately, the killer got to Trent first.

4. If there is a Ghost Killer, have we met this person?

“Bones” history suggests that any serial killer will either be a) someone the audience has previously met, or b) a completely mysterious figure we never will meet. There isn’t much in-between.

“The Ghost in the Killer” fortunately offers plenty of potential suspects. There’s the still-hurt brother, the angry former rival and Trent’s cold-hearted sister who are all possible killers of Lana for various reasons. We also should not forget the woman, Donna, seen working at the McNamara estate. Does she have some purpose other than creating a new, unforeseen suspect?

5. If Trent didn’t kill Lana or anyone else, why did Giles McNamara think he did?

The fact remains that Lana’s murder was covered up by the elder McNamara — costing a lot of money in the process. Why would old Giles work to protect Trent if Trent didn’t do it?

6. When will there be a solution to any of this?

The truly frustrating part of “The Ghost in the Killer” is that we may not get an answer quickly on any of these questions. A second episode, tying up loose ends, may come quickly. Or it may be something that requires the rest of Season 9.

Audiences will only find out with future episodes of “Bones,” airing at 8 p.m. Fridays on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown