Bones_TheShotInTheDark_Scene4-0023_.jpgIs Brennan of “Bones” about to change her views on life after death? When she gets shot at the Jeffersonian and hovers between life and death, the skeptical scientist gets a visit from her mother.

That should be interesting.

The problems begin with a perfectly normal case of the week. Remains are found in a gorge under a bridge.

Bones_TheShotInTheDark_scene1-0228-.jpgPerfectionist that she is, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) decides to stay late at the lab. Bad choice.

Bones_TheShotInTheDark_scene3-0475_.jpgFortunately, Booth (David Boreanaz) brings baby Christine for a visit.

Bones_TheShotInTheDark_Scene4-0013_.jpgBut is he too late? Could Brennan actually die?

Bones_TheShotInTheDark_Scene4-0030_.jpgSure, it’s not likely that a show like “Bones” would kill off one of its main characters, especially when there’s another season and a half to go. Still, the experience is pretty traumatic.

While the doctors struggle to save Brennan’s life, she experiences a strange visit from her long-dead mother, Christine (guest star Brooke Langton).

Bones_TheShotInTheDark_scene5-0487-.jpgThis is problematic on two counts. One, Brennan doesn’t believe in any form of life after death. Two, Christine Brennan abandoned her children years before. There is some trauma there.

Bones_TheShotInTheDark_scene5-0622-.jpgDoes going out the door count as going into the light in this situation?

Bones_TheShotInTheDark_scene7-0914-.jpgOr maybe it’s the opposite.

It looks like going out the door is a good thing. That gets Brennan back to the hospital — and to Booth and her father (Ryan O’Neal) — anyway.

Bones_TheShotInTheDark_scene13-0318--1.jpgIt’s a safe bet that these two are rather worried about the situation.

Bones_TheShotInTheDark_scene24-0428--1.jpgAt least Booth can go back to the lab to help figure out who shot Brennan and why.

Bones_TheShotInTheDark_scene30-0109-.jpg“The Shot in the Dark” airs on Monday, Feb. 11 at 8pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown