bones season 9 premiere secrets in the proposal booth brennan fox 'Bones' preview: 9 spoilers from the Season 9 premiere

The “Bones” Season 9 premiere, “The Secrets in the Proposal,” won’t air until Monday, Sept. 16. For this reason, you need some spoilers now. Here are 9 of the best from the upcoming premiere episode.

First of all, a brief review of what happened at the end of Season 8: As Booth (David Boreanaz) had predicted a long time ago, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) did indeed propose to him. Pelant (Andrew Leeds) unfortunately got involved, and Booth was forced to turn her down.

The hunt for that bad man continues.

Enough of the past though — moving on to the future and Season 9, here are the spoilers:

1. Booth’s former-priest friend (Mather Zickel) stopped being a priest 8 years earlier. He is very much not a priest now.

2. “You are tinfoil-hat paranoid!” says a person who is not yet familiar with Christopher Pelant and his tendency to spy on people via electronics.

3. “Have you noticed how dead bodies always save Booth from confronting his demons?”

4. Air conditioners don’t work well when stuffed with dead bodies.

5. If you’re going to clean up a murder scene, items found in a hotel mini-bar are not sufficient to remove traces of blood. Also, that cleansing booze is probably super expensive.

6. It’s hard to get answers out of a suspect when her mother is a high-end lawyer.

7. “This sequence doesn’t end well unless something disrupts the pattern.” Because this sentence is spoken by Brennan, this actually indicates strong emotion. She is also concerned that she and Booth are not progressing through “stage 2” the way they should.

8. Danny the CIA agent (guest star Freddie Prinze Jr.) could legitimately wear Booth’s belt buckle. He has that sort of attitude.

9. Can you claim police brutality if you don’t get to finish a drink? Someone in the episode takes that viewpoint.

“Bones” Season 9 premieres Monday, Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown