bones the butt in the joke art stand up david boreanaz booth fox 'Bones' preview: Artists wearing human remains and stand up comedy in 'The But in the Joke'

Enough with the serious episodes of “Bones”! Having dealt with 9/11 and a whole bunch of relationship drama, the murderous procedural will turn its attention to humor in this week’s “The But in the Joke.” Literally. We’re talking about a dead comedian, a graffiti artist glued to the remains and Booth (David Boreanaz) trying stand-up.

The case begins when a street artist falls from the billboard he is improving/defacing. The unfortunate man lands in both his own glue and some human remains. Thus, the artist becomes evidence and must hang out at the Jeffersonian, where Angela (Michaela Conlin) finds that the presence of an artist in the lab reminds her of her own creative, non-murder dreams. Meanwhile, Booth performs stand-up comedy at an open-mic night in the hopes of finding suspects.

So no, this is not the most serious episode out there.

For more of a preview, there are video clips from the episode. In them, we learn the identity (or do we???) of the artist — he’s basically Banksy even though they’re going with Zed in this. If your stomach is up for it, you can also see how Zed got himself stuck to those human remains. Be warned, however — your stomach may very well not be up to it.

And we get to judge Booth’s stand-up comedy. Be nice to the guy though — he has a gun.

Ah, peanut butter. Is there anything you can’t do?

Posted by:Laurel Brown