bones pregnant fox 'Bones' preview: Brennan and Booth's baby is on its way!A little Brennan-Booth baby is thisclose to joining us, and a new promo for “Bones” shows us more details surrounding the little one’s quite eventful entry into our world.

The event happens during the mid-season premiere on April 2, entitled “The Prisoner in the Pipes,” which seems — well, let’s say not-so-special a name for such an important occurrence. But this is “Bones,” and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The cast teased that the birth wouldn’t happen in a hospital when we caught up with them at Paley Fest recently, and the promo proves their assertion, as Booth pulls up to an unsuspecting bystander and Brennan screams from the passenger seat, “I’m about to push this baby out right now!”

“She’ll squat on the lawn,” threatens Booth, and we know that’s entirely possible. There’s probably a tribe somewhere that’s been giving birth like that for centuries. Check out the promo below, then join us in grumbling about the fact that the show doesn’t come back until April 2. Grrrrr.

Posted by:Jean Bentley