hannah bones preview 'Bones' preview: Hannah isn't what you would call 'maternal'

Remind us. Where does the episode count for Hannah (Katheryn Winnick) stand right about now? Because if the people who cut FOX promos are to be trusted, it sure seems like they’re getting ready to push her out the door.

Rested up from a day off for Thanksgiving, “Bones” returns Dec. 2 with “The Twisted Bones in The Melted Truck.”

There is the small matter of some mysterious melted bones, but all signs point to this being an episode for the shippers. Booth (David Boreanaz) is ready to introduce Hannah to his son, Parker, but she’s decidedly less enthused.

“I’d feel more comfortable if he was a crooked senator,” she says, reaffirming her status as serious journalist.

Do you know who’s good with kids, Hannah? This woman right here.

brennan ideal stepmother 'Bones' preview: Hannah isn't what you would call 'maternal'We rest our case — at least until Thursday, when Hannah will likely win Parker over like she has everyone else. And in the meantime, a clip:

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