bones s7 booth brennan 'Bones' promo: Love at first sight for Booth and Brennan?Any “Bones” fan knows that it was hardly love at first sight for FBI agent Seely Booth and forensic scientist Temperance Brennan. It took six seasons for Booth and Brennan to finally hook up. But once they did get together, they really went for it — the couple is expecting a baby at some point during Season 7.

But even if they weren’t romantically attracted to each other at first, this promo FOX released to hype us up for the Season 7 premiere on Thursday (Nov. 3 )at 9 p.m. will remind you that there’s been chemistry between the now-couple since day one of their unlikely partnership. It’ll also remind you how adorable David Boreanaz is, and how great an actress Emily Deschanel is (not that those two qualities are mutually exclusive).
Watch the video below, then tell us what you’re doing to keep busy until Thursday night.

UPDATE: Today’s your lucky day, “Bones” fans — Fox released a longer promo set to Michelle Branch’s new song, “Loud Music,” with a couple of scenes from the new season. Score!

Posted by:Jean Bentley