bones doom in the gloom quotes sweets booth brennan fox 'Bones' 	quotes: Not quite the end of the world in 'The Doom in the Gloom'

Murder is not the end of the world, only the end of one person. In this episode of “Bones,” the end came for a member of a doomsday-prepper group. But her explosive death only marked the beginning of “The Doom in the Gloom.” All along the way to catching the killer, we got a whole bunch of fun “Bones” quotes to convince us that the world is a great place.

“He’s guided by the spirit of the frog!” — Sweets

“God, I hate the toasty ones.” — Booth
“And I prefer them with heads.” — Cam

“Her head has to be around here somewhere!” — Brennan

“I found her head… In the toilet.” — Cam

“Apparently, there are two other psychologists in the building, so they can all pretend to be scientists together.” — Brennan

“Certain is an absolute, Miss Wick. You can’t be mostly certain.” — Brennan

“I believe we are looking at an injury from a cannon ball!” — Brennan

“So she shot herself in the leg with a cannon? Are you thinking some terribly complicated suicide attempt?” — Daisy
“I’m talking accident, but I like your flair for the dramatic.” — Hodgins

“I clearly have less faith in the sexual restraint of the masses than you do.” — Brennan

“I made the cannon ball myself!” — Hodgins

“That was actually awesome.” — Angela
“Totally. He must never know.” — Cam

“There are complex psychological factors that go into a person’s life choices. To dismiss it with an easy moniker like that…” — Sweets
“Really?” — Booth
“In this case, I’m fine with ‘whackjob.'” — Sweets

“Time to smoke out the whackjobs.” — Booth

“I’m Dr. Apocalypse! I can explain everything!” — Dr. Apocalypse

“I came to you with good news. Now I’m just depressed.” — Hodgins

“Hey! You made me!” — Hodgins

“I cannot believe you are here. You hate the lab!” — Hodgins to Booth

“If you say anything, I will stab you with my pen.” — Booth to Hodgins

“I was not happy when Booth told me you were coming to stay with us. And I am not happy that you are leaving.” — Brennan

“Hi. I’m Janet. This is Chrissy.” — Janet

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