bones nazi on the honeymoon recap brennan perez fox 'Bones': Romance and murder in 'The Nazi on the Honeymoon'

Leave it to “Bones” to bring audiences one of its best mysteries of Season 9 in an episode that should have been a throwaway. With Booth and Brennan on their long-awaited honeymoon in Argentina, lots of romance and a little light murder would have been sufficient.

Instead, “The Nazi on the Honeymoon” brought in the treasures of war, dark histories, solid detective work and a killer that no one would ever guess.

Brennan doesn’t do relaxing

Most couples would be content to sit around and enjoy fruity drinks (when not having sex) on a honeymoon. Brennan and Booth are not most couples. Once her books are read, Brennan gets antsy — to the point where Booth thinks she might have a bug on her.

The only solution? That would be murder, of course.

Having been in Argentina before, Brennan knows just where to find the most bones and therefore heads directly to the Buenos Aires morgue. There, she happily shows Booth the dozens of skeletal remains found in a pit decades after Argentina’s internal wars.

It’s not entirely romantic, maybe, but it works for this couple. Even before Brennan finds a murder victim in the pile …

The great Detective Andy Lister

Remember how Brennan writes books? Well, everybody in Argentina remembers. In fact, Brennan is a best-selling author in that country, and her male protagonist, Detective Andy Lister, is quite beloved.

Everyone knows that Lister is really Booth. This works out very well for Booth, who basically gets to be the manliest man ever for the rest of his vacation.

The devotion to Booth/Lister even helps the investigation. Booth quickly enlists a government minister, Valenza, to help him track down every aspect of the murder victim’s life. In short order, the men figure out that a) he was wealthy, b) he had a suspiciously young and pretty wife and c) he had a wine cellar filled to the brim with Nazi gold and priceless artwork.

A 90-year-old Nazi somehow got himself killed.

There’s gold in them there bones!

There is a forensic investigation going on at the same time. Along with the city’s coroner, Dr. Leticia Perez, Brennan examines the remains — she even sends some of the evidence back to the Jeffersonian. The presence of Zyclon-B in the man’s system pretty much confirms that he was a death camp Nazi. And gold embedded in the skull shows that the old man was beaten to death with a gold bar.

Talk about karma …

Despite a fair amount of antagonism resulting from Brennan being herself, the two scientists make a lot of progress. They may even make it to quasi-friendship status by the time Booth and Valenza arrest the victim’s young wife for the murder.

But wait!

Alas, friendship rarely survives the revelation that one’s new pal is a murderer. Brennan isn’t likely to overlook such a thing anyway. And Dr. Leticia Perez is indeed a murderer.

It turns out that the old man was her grandfather. Years after he fled to Argentina, the man revealed his true past to the granddaughter, horrifying her. When Evil Grandpa started to mock her morality, Perez snapped.

Gold bars and anger do not make a peaceful match.

On the home front

Obviously, Christine was not invited on this romantic getaway. She’s back in DC, being watched by Hodgins and Angela. While the two really aren’t so great at keeping track of a pair of toddlers, the adorableness of Michael Vincent and Christine still convince the couple that they want another one.

It’s interesting to note that Christine is much, much bigger than she was when last we saw her. In fact, Christine looked a little older than Michael. Chronologically, that’s wrong — Christine was conceived just shortly before the boy was born.

But whatever — they’re cute.

The quote things

“Relaxing makes me tense.” – Brennan

“Those pools are contaminated with fecal matter from wild boars.” – Brennan

“It’s an honor to have you visit.” – Dr. Perez
“Yes, I imagine it is.” – Brennan

“We’ve been enjoying sex very much.” – Brennan

“You’re on your honeymoon. Why are you in a morgue?” – Cam

“I’m kind of a national hero here!” – Booth

“Let’s do it the American way: Immediately and with a great deal of noise.” – Valenza

“Your new wife is in the morgue.” – Angela

“We’ve all dropped human remains before.” – Brennan

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