bones blonde season 8 'Bones' Season 8: Emily Deschanel goes blonde while Brennan is on the run“Bones” star Emily Deschanel is stunningly beautiful (as her character, Temperance Brennan, is not shy about pointing out) but some people just aren’t meant for the peroxide blonde look. After being framed for murder in the Season 7 finale, Brennan went on the run with her daughter, Christine, and her ex-con father — leaving everyone else who loves her behind.

Well, maybe not everyone. This brand new teaser from FOX reveals that Brennan has been in touch with Angela, but not with her baby daddy, Booth. We can’t really blame him for being a little bit peeved about that.

Meanwhile, Cam is assigned to be part of the search team that is looking to haul Brennan in for questioning (and some almost inevitable jail time). Once again, her loyalties will be tested… but have her principles bent a bit since we last saw her turn over evidence against Bones?

Outside of work, Bones’ and Booth’s relationship is on seriously thin ice, and there’s no telling whether it will survive this particular blow. On the job, though, it won’t be long before they’re working together to solve crimes again.

“Bones” returns to FOX on Monday, Sept 17. Early in the season, keep an eye out for cases involving a high-powered divorce attorney, an endangered Siberian tiger, baby applesauce, and an Opera singer. Not necessarily in that order.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie