bones season 8 finale secret in the siege fox stephen nathan interview 'Bones' Season 8 finale: Executive producer Stephen Nathan talks about Pelant and what's next for Booth and Brennan

To say that the ending of the “Bones” Season 8 finale was frustrating would be an understatement. But that’s much of what made “The Secret in the Siege” so good. It’s also something that was very much planned by the writers of “Bones.” We asked the show’s executive producer, Stephen Nathan, to explain what he could of the excellent — but maddening — ending.

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Warning: There are some big spoilers ahead if you haven’t yet watched the Season 8 finale. So be careful …

Why did you decide to end the season by having Pelant stall the forward movement of the Booth-Brennan relationship?

Stephen Nathan: Although we’re a procedural, the most compelling part of “Bones” is the relationship between Booth and Brennan. We have followed them through great difficulty and great joy. This season ends with them facing a serious challenge that could end them. This complication heightens their relationship and make us want to see how they will be able to make it through such a fraught situation. The more tension, the better the show.

So where does the couple go from here?

Stephen Nathan: Booth and Brennan will start Season 9 in uncharted territory. Murder keeps them together now that their love is being put to the test.
On the pantheon of “Bones” bad guys, where do you want us to see Pelant’s position?
Stephen Nathan: Pelant is at the top of our pantheon. For now. Our group is still stymied by him. I would warn him, however, not to underestimate Booth and Brennan. Especially an angry Booth.
With the relationship between Booth and Brennan necessarily changing after Pelant stymied their engagement plans, what drama can we expect from their dynamic going forward?
Stephen Nathan: This season was one where we explored the issue of whether love is enough. It seemed to be. And their love grew to the point where Brennan did something she vowed never to do. Next season will see Brennan and Booth dealing with a vulnerable and quickly changing relationship, one that will not be so easy for them to define.

And the need for vengeance will be informing them for at least the first half of the season. 

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