bones brennan booth motel 'Bones' Season 8 premiere: Hart Hanson explains the ending twist“Bones” is back, y’all! Now that the Season 8 premiere has aired and Brennan is home at the Jeffersonian and brunette again, we can talk about that little twist at the end of the episode, which saw Pelant headed to jail but a certain someone introduced as his possible collaborator.

Pelant sent Brennan a flower symbolizing the pain he’s still planning on putting her through, which she promptly dropped in the trash. But someone picked it up and examined it, leading us to wonder WHAT THE HECK THAT WAS ALL ABOUT. Could Agent Flynn, who had been the FBI liason to the Jeffersonian while Booth was on desk duty, actually be helping Pelant?

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Creator Hart Hanson explains that the cliffhanger will be resolved sooner rather than later. “We know what happens — well, of course, it’s our job to know what happens — and that was the natural end for us of the first episode, to extend the Pelant story and raise another question,” he tells Zap2it on a conference call with reporters.

“How’s that for obfuscation? But it’s like, ‘Does he have help?’ We don’t know what the motive is of Flynn to do what he did,” he says. “It’s a gulch hanger, not a cliffhanger, just to keep that story alive in people’s minds.”

So yes, Flynn will be back. “Yes, there’s an arc with him, and it’s complicated and fun and we have an end plan with that,” Hanson says. “But is he good or is he bad? It was really fun talking to [actor] Reed Diamond about that, too, because after that last scene, he said, ‘So what’s the story?'”

As for Brennan, she’s not particularly bothered by the threat. Booth, on the other hand, is pretty rattled. “When [the team is] standing over the human remains, Brennan is usually on the ground with her nose about an inch from something disgusting looking at details. [Booth’s] eyes are flicking around looking around to see what’s out there, what threats are out there and what answers are out there. So the Pelant thing is more a haunting for Booth than it is for Brennan until it’s something that she has to face — until it’s put in front of her nose, in other words.”

The Pelant situation is handled in the immediate future, but obviously the flower is a hint that he’ll be back to terrorize Brennan and the rest of the squints before too long. “All of their personal lives have been altered by what happened with Brennen being gone, and with sort of the honeymoon period of our series being over,” executive producer Stephen Nathan explains.

“Now they have to deal with the realities of their relationships and their lives, as well as Pelant, as well as this kind of dark cloud that hangs over them,” he continues. “It won’t be dealt with in every episode, but Pelant is not going away.”

What did you think of the Season 8 premiere, “Bones” fans?

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