bones 917 recap repo man in the septic tank booth fox 'Bones' Season 9, episode 17: Crime, Cuba and church in 'The Repo Man in the Septic Tank'

“Bones” Season 9 doesn’t want you to forget that this is a yucky show. That’s why “The Repo Man in the Septic Tank” uses that bit of smelly plumbing facility to stow its latest body.

There’s also a searing indictment of Cuba and a grudging acceptance of church. See how all of it works in this recap.

Don’t fear the repo man

The corpse of the week belongs to an ex-con named Benny. With prison in his past, Benny has gone straight(ish) by taking a job as a repo man. Obviously, someone isn’t happy with either Benny’s past or present, because the poor fellow ends up drowning in a septic tank.

Yuck. Seriously, this is not a good way to go.

Over time, the investigation figures out that Benny had been in a car accident before ending up in that septic tank. He somehow managed to run a significant distance after the crash, despite a badly broken leg. Who else was in that car?

Whoever it is, he or she did it.

Food fight!

When chasing a suspect, Horatio, Booth and Brennan end up in a restaurant kitchen. Booth loses his gun, meaning that alternative weapons were required. Pans, vegetables, bakery carts and more are involved in taking Horatio down.

Horatio didn’t do it, by the way. He’s just a car thief who wanted his buddy to stay clean, even when Benny wanted a code to steal a luxury car.

Ever feel like a criminal at airport security? There’s a good reason for that

If Horatio the ex-con didn’t kill Benny, then who is left? The two main suspects are Benny’s boss in the repo business and his parole officer, Fowler. Brennan and Fuentes figure out that the passenger in the car — aka, the killer — would have been injured in the crash as well. Those kinds of injuries don’t fade quickly either.

The repo lady quickly ruled out, Fowler is next. Multiple scans as he walks through security reveal healing fractures on the skeleton — proving that that technology can totally see through your clothes, by the way. This also proves that Fowler is the murderer.

Why did Fowler do it? He had been using Benny to steal fancy cars, threatening to send the guy back to prison if he did not comply.

Brennan takes a Latin lover

Not that she wants the Latin lover or anything — Brennan just has one thrust upon her as a squintern by the Secretary of State. The man’s name is Dr. Rodolfo Fuentes, a defector from Cuba who just so happens to be a colleague of Brennan’s. It’s just that his credentials from Cuba don’t transfer over to the US.

Thus, Fuentes is taking classes and needs an internship. Brennan gets stuck with the man, who is both brilliant and terribly interested in sleeping with Brennan. It takes awhile for her to notice any of this, but Brennan does eventually pick up on the pick-up lines.

Don’t worry — Brennan wouldn’t cheat on Booth. He’s the sea urchin to her clownfish (or vice versa), after all.

Cuba isn’t a happy place — there aren’t even ‘Die Hard’ videos!

In addition to hitting on Brennan, Fuentes talks about why he defected a lot. It’s partially because he wants to make money. But it’s more because of imprisoned and dead family members.

Only when Hodgins makes him some Cuban food does Fuentes feel at home again.

Church is good for your health, holy water is not

In a minor subplot, Brennan decides that she is OK with Christine attending church. It’s hardly Brennan’s first choice, of course, but Fuentes points out that truly educated people have to experience everything in order to make sound choices.

This carries far more weight with Brennan than Booth’s arguments about healthiness gained from church-going. Probably because there is fecal matter in holy water.

There’s really a lot of fecal matter in this case, isn’t there?

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