What will “Bones” bring when it returns for Season 9 on Monday, Sept. 16? Fans can expect new jobs, relationship changes, guest stars and a whole lot of mysteries. Get some clues with a video preview and a handful of spoilers.

The video promo for “Bones” Season 9 has more than a few highlights:

  • Did you know that “Bones” has aired on almost every day of the week over its 9 seasons? It’s almost like the show is a hit in spite of itself.
  • There’s probably a good, scientific reason why Hodgins is being lowered down from the lab ceiling by a cord.
  • Booth gets slimed.
  • Sweets goes casual (and Booth is worried about him).
  • Hodgins and Angela have a moment of tension about something or other.
  • A few moments later, Hodgins seems to be covered in white stuff — more than just his white hazmat suit.
  • Oh and there’s tension between Booth and Brennan as well.

But they’ll probably work it out. After all, word on the street is that there will be a wedding of some sort in the near future …

Spoiler goodness

Alas, there aren’t any spoilers about the wedding here. Instead, check out the following tidbits to figure out what’s happening in the world of “Bones” in the upcoming season.

  • Freddie Prinze Jr. will guest-star in the Season 9 premiere. But that won’t be the only time we meet Booth’s old friend. He’ll be back in at least one later episode. (Source: EW.com)

  • You know how Sweets is wearing that casual clothing in the video? There’s a reason for that. “He’s trying to do something to help people avoid a criminal life. He’s working with kids in the inner city,” executive producer Stephen Nathan told TVLine.

  • “Ultimate Fighting Championship” star Chuck Liddell will guest-star in the fourth episode of the season, “The Lady on the List.” He will play a mixed martial artist who is seen as the toughest guy in the world. Liddell’s character will even be able to show Booth a thing or two. (Source: TVGuide.com)

  • Hodgins is going to meet a new family member. Since he has never had any family, this is definitely going to be a surprise. Whoever it is, Hodgins never knew about the person — and the unexpected arrival will impact his relationship with Angela. (Source: TVLine)

  • Other “Bones” secrets that may be revealed in Season 9 include the explanation for “4:47” appearing on clocks and the words Brennan wrote to Booth back when she was buried alive. (Source: EW.com)

Posted by:Laurel Brown