Booth-Brennan-Bones-episode-100-320.jpgEver since “Bones” creator Hart Hanson tweeted that the fifth season finale would be called “The Beginning in the End,” fans have speculated about what the cryptic title means.

The obvious connection is to the fourth season alternate universe finale — which was titled “The End in the Beginning” — and while there are some tie-ins between the two hours, they’re more like subtle nods.

That being said, Korbi TV has compiled a list of five episodes you should be familiar with in preparation for next week’s season ender.

While we can’t tell you why they relate to the upcoming finale, we can tell you what the original FOX press releases said about the individual episodes. We can also maybe say whether the press release mentions the reason(s) you should be rewatching them.

So, without further ado…

1. “Pilot”

What FOX said: “Dr. Temperance Brennan is a highly skilled forensic anthropologist in
Washington, D.C. FBI Agent Seeley Booth calls on her to assist with
investigations when the standard methods of identifying a body are
useless — when the remains are badly decomposed, burned or destroyed
beyond recognition. In the season premiere, Booth asks Brennan to help
provide clues and information when skeletal remains are found at the
bottom of a lake. With her team of specialists at the Jeffersonian
Institute, Brennan determines the identity of the remains to be the
ex-aide of a Washington, DC, congressman. A series of clues add up to
murder, and Brennan wants in on the case. Although skeptical of all
scientists, or “squints” as he calls them, Booth knows if he wants
Brennan’s expertise on the case, he’s going to have to give in to her
demand to a partnership with him and let her out of the lab. But Brennan
may have gotten more than she bargained for when she digs under the
surface to uncover who was behind the murder.”

What we say: Press release won’t help you, but if you rewatch the hour, you may get a better idea of what’s to come.

2. “The Soldier on the Grave”

What FOX said: “Booth and Brennan investigate the apparent suicide of a protester in
Arlington National Cemetery. But Brennan and her team discover this was
not suicide, it was murder, and the victim was a soldier who had served
in Iraq, not a war protester as originally thought. Booth and Brennan
pursue the murder investigation and interrogate the American soldiers
the victim served with in Iraq. Their investigation leads to many
unanswered questions about the victim’s military unit in Iraq and the
actions they took while on patrol there. As they uncover more
information about the case, all clues point to a potential military
cover-up. Meanwhile, Booth laments the horrors of war and his own shady
past as a military sniper.”

What we say: Press release will help you.

3. “The Boneless Bride in the River”

What FOX said: “Interrupting Brennan’s romantic vacation with Sully (guest star Eddie
McClintock) on his boat in the marina, Booth drags her to a crime scene
on the river where the shell of a woman’s body is found minus all of her
bones. The body poses an intriguing case for the team as they attempt
to reconstruct the women’s skeletal structure without the help of any
bones. Eager to get back to her vacation, Brennan quickly weighs in on
the case, but in the absence of any bones, does not feel she has a
reason to be involved. Zach, Hodgins and Cam attempt to construct a
skeleton for the body, a task that proves to be both difficult and
gruesome. During the process Cam finds the sole remaining bone in the
deflated body, which is enough of a reason for Booth to barge back into
Brennan and Sully’s vacation and bring Brennan into the Jeffersonian
once again. Booth investigates an international mail-order bride agency
as well as the woman’s former fiance, but the man quickly evades the
investigation. When further clues in the case point to a rare and
ancient Asian custom that involves burying the bones of an unmarried
woman with those of an unmarried man as a sort of afterlife wedding
ceremony, Brennan and Booth realize they are in fact looking for a
murder suspect who may have killed the woman found in the river to use
her bones for the ceremony. Meanwhile, Sully propositions Brennan,
forcing her to make an important decision about their future together, a
proposition that surprises her and for which she’s definitely not

What we say: 
Press release will help you.

4. “The Passenger in the Oven”

What FOX said: “Booth and Brennan are en route to China where Brennan has been summoned
to help identify pre-historic anthropological remains with Booth in tow
to watch over her highly sensitive equipment. Their restful flight is
disrupted when a flight attendant discovers a fully cooked human body in
the plane’s industrial microwave. Booth and Brennan connect online with
the team back in the U.S. using Brennan’s high-tech equipment, as well
as odds-and-ends gadgets from the airline passengers, to send evidence
back to the Jeffersonian for processing. When they identify the victim
as a travel writer working on a controversial story about airline
pilots, Booth and Brennan race against the clock to solve the murder
before the plane lands in China and they lose their jurisdiction over
the case. Meanwhile back in the states, Angela and Roxie’s relationship
progresses as Hodgins tries to move on.”

What we say: Press release won’t help you.

5. “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole”

What FOX said: “The milestone 100th episode of BONES takes viewers back in time six
years as Brennan and Booth recount the first case they worked on
together. With Sweets finishing his book on their partnership, Brennan
and Booth take this opportunity to set the record straight. A young and
rebellious FBI Agent Booth seeks the help of an team of anthropological
scientists and a street artist to find the evidence that will prove his
high-profile suspect guilty. Although in unfamiliar territory, Dr.
Brennan, her grad student Zack (guest star Eric Millegan) and Hodgins get
right to work, impressing Booth with their knack for uncovering new
leads and substantiating his theory about a well-connected district
judge. While the case cements a foundation for a successful future
partnership, it also reveals the convoluted romantic beginnings of the
formidable duo– whose feelings for each other almost destroyed the team
but still linger years later.”

What we say: There are two reasons why episode 100 made this list, but only one of them is hinted at in the press release.

Think you know how these hours all tie together?

Let’s hear your theories in the comments section…

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