Bones-Booth-Brennan-Beginning-in-the-End-320.jpgAs longtime “Bones” fans are well aware of, season finale time is something to be equally feared and excited for.

The past few season-enders have led to the fanbase being split on matters like the reveal of Zack being Gormagon’s apprentice and last year’s alternate reality/coma dream.

And I hate to break it to you, but this year is shaping up to be no different.

“I anticipate a [vocal fan] reaction [to the finale], that’s for sure,” creator Hart Hanson says. “The short answer is yes. We try and keep everyone interested and a season finale is a good place and a natural place to change the direction of a series. And this season, you’ve got to do that. I hope there will be some noise about it.”

“Bones” star Emily Deschanel (Brennan) clarified that unlike last season’s finale, this will very much be a real “Bones” episode, so there won’t be any alternate reality-esque gimmicks. “Huge things happen in the episode that change the course of everyone,” Deschanel promises.

And it appears these controversial finales will continue on for as long as the series runs.

“[If we didn’t change it up] then I’d have to quit my job,” Hanson says. “Boy, if that happens, you’ll let me know and I’ll have to turn [the show] over to someone else.”

No, no, let’s not go there.

We like our “Bones” the way it is, with Hart at the helm.
Don’t we, kids?
Want to know what else he and Emily said?

  • Considering how much we learned about Booth and Brennan’s history in the 100th episode, and how much changed between them, will the season finale now pale in comparison? Or will it live up to the hype? Deschanel says “yes”: “What happens in the season finale is as impactful for [the Booth and Brennan] relationship as the 100th episode was… Hart did a really good job writing the script.”
  • While things will get resolved in the season finale, don’t plan on anything getting tied up with a neat bow. “I don’t think there’s a lot of closure going into season six,” Hanson says. “Closure is not the word I would use as we barrel forward into season six.”
  • The return of the Gravedigger impacts Brennan and Hodgins the most. Poor Brennan is suffering from nightmares when the episode begins.
  • Speaking of the Gravedigger, the return of Max (Ryan O’Neal) isn’t only about his daughter having someone to lean on during a difficult time. “I would say Max is not there just for moral support,” Hanson shared. “It’s a bit more than that. He is a mysterious and multifaceted character, Max is. He’s not an onlooker at heart.”
  • Six scripts already exist for next season and there are an additional two stories already planned out.
  • There are tons of rumors going around about what could happen in the fall, but Hanson promises, “We will not start Season 6 without Booth and Brennan working together. I’m not willing to say they’ll be in D.C. [but] I’m not willing to say they won’t be.”
  • Hanson thinks a “Fringe” crossover could work, but there are always so many difficulties in trying to actually make it work. (One being that “Fringe” shoots in Vancouver)
  • The “Brennan wants a baby” storyline has not been abandoned.
    According to Hanson, it will be revisited in Season 6. “I always found
    it interesting that Brennan’s interest in having a baby faded when the
    possibility of Booth being the father faded,” he said. “I always thought
    that said something about her.”
  • On the end of the series,
    Hanson says: “I have a group of scenes written on my computer that are
    the end of ‘Bones.’ Whether or not those actually become the end of
    ‘Bones,’ who knows. They’ve lasted so far. They’ve lasted from the
    second season. A TV series is very organic, it goes where it wants to
    go. But I do know the ending of ‘Bones.’ I do know where it’s going, it’s how many steps there [are] between now and then [that] I don’t know.”
  • As
    of now, it appears that ‘Bones’ will remain at its Thursday at 8 slot
    for next season.

Does this info make you more excited for the final hours of the season?

Weigh in below.

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