bones spoilers promo video january 14 dancing fox 'Bones': Spoilers and a video reveal what's coming when season 8 returns in January

Like so many shows, “Bones” is now off the air until after the holidays. But perhaps a few hints and spoilers will help bide the time until the show’s January 14 return? Let’s hope so.

There will be dancing!

If you found the 150th episode, “The Ghost in the Machine,” to be a little too serious, take heart: the January return of “Bones” — “The Doll in the Derby” — features a dance competition! Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) head undercover — as Buck and Wanda Moosejaw, naturally — as dancers while they try to investigate a murder.

Also, they try to win the rumba competition.

Do they have a chance? You may be surprised that the answer is yes. It seems that Booth paid his way through college with dancing (and not the stripping kind), while Brennan plans to pick up moves by analyzing everything.

Here is the promo for the dance-centered episode, “The Doll in the Derby”:

Did you “So You Think You Can Dance” fans catch Mary Murphy there? There should be plenty of “SYTYCD” love in this one…

A little bit more

One promo is hardly enough to satisfy the serious “Bones” fan. Thus, here are some more spoilers for your intrigued amusement:

  • Booth will share a big secret in this dance episode. And it has nothing to do with dancing. Instead, it’s a secret previously shared only between Booth and God. (Source:
  • An upcoming episode involving organic funerals (no embalming or fancy caskets), Booth and Brennan are forced to discuss their eternal-resting-place plans.
  • During February sweeps, Brennan gets shot. She is at the lab at the time, and Booth is the one who finds her there. This is probably the near-death experience that will cause Brennan to see visions of her mother.
  • Booth’s mother is also planned for later in season 8. No casting has been announced yet, but Mama Booth may bear a strong resemblance to her son.
  • Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat) will have their relationship made public.
  • Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) have to deal with both a possible career change for Angela and a life-changing incident involving the return of Christopher Pelant (guest star Andrew Leeds).
  • There is going to be a new squintern. You’ll have to guess about this one’s special variety of weird genius.


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