tj thyne 'Bones' star T.J. Thyne professes love for FOX in new video

“Bones” star T.J. Thyne is becoming something of a YouTube savant. And he’s following up this summer’s ode to his alter ego, Jack Hodgins, with the third installment in his now annual “Why I Love Fox” series.

The video, posted September 1, features Thyne telling a clearly elaborated life story while subtly name-checking FOX’s entire 25-series slate of original programming.

Funniest inclusion? “So You Think You Can Dance,” clearly, though it couldn’t have been as hard to accommodate as “Terra Nova.”

And while this may just be an exercise in tongue-in-cheek sycophancy, Thyne accidentally outs himself as a captivating storyteller. Someone should really get in touch with him about getting some book-on-tape work.

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Photo: FOX

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell