stephen fry1 320 'Bones': Stephen Fry advises Booth to 'Have a word' with himselfPaging Gordon Gordon Wyatt: Booth needs you!

After his romantic advances were rebuffed by Brennan in the 100th episode of “Bones,” Booth could really use a friend to give some impartial advice. And who better than his former shrink turned chef?

Korbi TV recently caught up with Stephen Fry (Gordon Gordon) and, though Booth didn’t take GG’s past advice regarding Brennan, we still asked him what kind of counsel he’d dispense to Booth now. 

“There’s a very good phrase that they use in London markets sometimes when someone is losing their temper or whatever,” Fry tells us in the video below. “They go, ‘Okay, love, have a word with yourself.’ That’s what I’d say to him. ‘Booth, darling, have a word with yourself.’ Because like all good psychiatrists, [Gordon Gordon] knows that every single person you speak to — unless they are severely mentally unwell, which is of course a whole other thing — but if they have issues, they all know what they are. They just need to look in the mirror and say, ‘Come on, I know what the problem is.’ And it’s just that. It’s a way of making people look at themselves.”

“The great thing about Gordon Gordon and about Booth is that they’re such intelligent characters,” he continues. “Yes, [Booth]’s got issues and yes on one level he’s kind of an All-American guy who sips beer, watching basketball and that kind of thing. But he’s very sharp as well, really sharp. And I love the way [Booth] wriggles with dislike when anything emotional is mentioned. He really can’t bear it. And a lot of men are like that, but it doesn’t mean they don’t actually see [what’s going on].”

Fry then goes on to compare the situation to poop.

Yes, you read that right.

It’s hilarious, so take a look at the video for that, plus our thoughts on what Gordon Gordon’s next career choice will be …

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