bones proof in the pudding 320 'Bones' takes aim at the Kennedy assassinationIn yet another “X-Files”-worthy episode, “Bones” tackled the Kennedy assassination this week…with a creative twist.

I really enjoyed the exploration of Booth’s motivations and history, as well as Cam’s more prominent role. And – let’s face it – it was nice to have a break from the NotZack of the week.

The Case: Mysterious Men in Black secure the lab and won’t let anyone in or out that night until Bones, Cam, Hodgins, and Angela (and Sweets, possible MIB bycatch) find cause of death for an unidentified body. An alien? Again? Not so much, though Dean Haglund would’ve fit right in this week too, because the squints are convinced the skeleton belongs to JFK. If Hodgins were a 13-year-old girl, he would’ve been squealing “OMG!” over and over again as they ID’d the skeleton. He’s not too far off from that as it is, in fact.

The MIB, led by a Mr. White (Richard T. Jones), detain Booth in the garage and refuse to let him into the lab, so Booth returns and SHOOTS HIS WAY THROUGH THE DOOR. And gets tackled by the MIB. It. Is. Awesome. And now, of course, he’s also restricted to the building. Booth: “Damn, who saw that coming?” Based on tackling methods, he identifies the MIB as Secret Service. Wow, identifying a government agency by how they tackle you is a pretty impressive skill that would be useless 99.9% of the time, so way for Booth to find a way to put it to good use.

Booth and Hodgins get into a predictable fight about whether the government would cover up JFK’s murder, and so they use a handy secret passageway to retrieve a handy replica of Oswald’s gun that the Jeffersonian handily happens to have. How handy. Brennan beats Mr. White into submission with fantastic, fantastic squint speak, allowing them to set up a facsimile of the scene of the assassination, with Booth playing the part of Oswald with the replica rifle. He’s successful at shooting the cantaloupe heads, though the squints are skeptical Oswald could’ve accomplished the same.

Additionally, Brennan finds evidence in the skull wound that indicates he was killed by two gunmen. Booth is beyond upset that the government would cover that up, and Brennan makes the mistake of wondering aloud if it’s because his ancestor was John Wilkes Booth(!). Oof, yeah, that’s gotta be a sore subject. And it is, further angering Booth.

Cam reminds Sweets and Brennan that Booth is incredibly patriotic, having killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 people for a government he trusted – a government that is now apparently capable of covering up the murder of a president. Ouch. It’s nice to have a reminder of Cam’s long friendship with Booth, and her understanding of what makes him tick.

Hacker (he’s baaack!), who has promised to poke around, discovers that a Congressional committee has discussed exhuming JFK to see what modern forensics could tell them – and that some parties are very interested in the issue. Hmmm. And Mr. White orders the squints to wrap it up now that they’ve come to a conclusion, even though they haven’t finished analyzing a calcified bone.

Booth responds by HANDCUFFING Mr. White to the railing and taking out the other MIB, allowing Brennan to make a break for it with the bone in question. Wow. That’s both extreme and extremely awesome, again. Hacker bursts in with a bunch of armed agents at that point, claiming FBI jurisdiction since an agent was being held against his will. Alas, his heroics were about ten seconds too late. He’s disappointed Brennan didn’t see him coming to her rescue, as is she.

Brennan immerses the calcified bone in pudding, to test its density. …Delicious? Turns out the bone was diseased, and JFK wasn’t. Booth hugs her, recognizing that she only kept looking for his sake. Aww. After they’re released, everyone wonders if the whole ordeal was a test, and who was being tested. They float the possibility of it being a dry run for the Congressional exhumation, as well.

When they’re alone, Cam reminds Brennan that there’s a one in one hundred chance that JFK could, in fact, have had the disease that made the bone float. Brennan concurs, but maintains that it was statistically unlikely the bones were JFK’s. Cam smiles proudly at her, tells her she’s a good person, and that she’ll never forget what Brennan did for Booth. And that really is pretty huge of Brennan, since she’s not one to hold back any aspect of the truth. The camera pans to a TV reporting that the committee won’t be exhuming the body after all due to “respect for the family.” Dun dun duuuun! I guess the squints were just a little too good at their jobs? Poor Hodgins, probably helping to discover the biggest cover-up of them all, and never even knowing it.  

The Squint Squad: When Cam finds a positive pregnancy test in the lab and rules out herself, Brennan, and Angela, she comes to the conclusion that it’s Michelle’s, and understandably freaks out. Turns out, though, that the test was Angela’s, who couldn’t admit it with Hodgins in the room. Really? Wow. And Wendell doesn’t know. As Angela tells Hodgins, “It’s not the right time, it’s not the right guy” for her to be linked to for the rest of her life.

Hodgins congratulates her, dismissing the idea that she might not keep it. He even offers to support her, help raise the baby, and whatever all else he can do since Wendell is a struggling grad student. And again, wow. That’s pretty huge of him. And also pretty disrespectful of Wendell, but I know that’s not how it was meant. It’s all a moot point, though, as the test was a false positive. Cam retested the sample when she thought it was Michelle. Ew? And lucky for Hodgins, since he gets all the credit for his offer and none of the obligation. He and Angela walk away arm-in-arm, possibly placating the many angry Angela/Wendell-haters out there.

Odds and Ends:

  • I normally don’t find men dancing like Michael Jackson to be especially sexy, but Booth is the clear exception.
  • Though this episode wasn’t without plot holes (or overly convenient secret passageways), I dug it. Much like the first season “The Man in the Fallout Shelter,” in which they were quarantined in the lab over Christmas, it brought out some interesting character revelations that might not have otherwise emerged.
  • Did the trapped overnight aspect of the episode remind anyone else of a lock-in? I had one of those in high school after a dance, and we were all jazzed at first since we had the building to ourselves, and there were prizes and stuff. Then we realized that we could be outside having a lot more fun…and that the point of the lock-in was to prevent that from happening. Basically, lock-ins are for suckers. Secret assasination investigations, though, are pretty cool.


  • Cam: “I’m not as good as you are at doing what I’m told.” Brennan: “Thank you!”
  • Hacker (to himself as Booth leaves): “How am I going to get anywhere with Temperance if you keep making me look bad in comparison?” True story, buddy.
  • Booth: “I’m gonna need some scientific jibber jabber to distract these guys.” Brennan: “Ooooh, you know who can do jibber jabber?” Booth: “Who?” Brennan: “Me!” Again, true story.
  • Brennan: “I’m very impressed. You wanted the truth even though you knew if could hurt you.” Booth: “I learned that from you.”


How did you feel about Angela’s storyline when you thought the pregnancy was real? Was anyone happy to see Hacker again? Is it just me, or does Cam just get cooler and cooler?

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