tamara taylor 100th ep party 320 'Bones': Tamara Taylor explains why Cam is the catalyst for Booth and Brennan“Bones'” Tamara Taylor wasn’t around for the first season of the show, but that doesn’t mean she has to miss out on the fun of the series’ 100th episode flashback.

In fact, when the series rewinds several years to Booth and Brennan’s inaugural case, viewers will discover that it was Cam who initially brought the two of them together.

“Without me, Brennan and Booth might not have came to be,” Taylor teases in the clip below.

One thing that’s a little less clear in the episode? What Cam’s romantic status was with a certain hot FBI agent at that point in time.

“You know, they leave [the Booth/Cam relationship] sort of ambiguous,” she says. “We’ve been working together for a while, so we’re definitely friends.”

Yeah, after viewing the episode, we’re still not entirely sure if they were a couple either. But watch the video for more from the lovely Taylor, including her thoughts on why Cam’s initial introduction to Brennan (circa season two) still makes sense in light of her role in episode 100. 

And kids, before you watch the interview, one note: We are completely kidding when we say that Brennan is Booth’s future wife. So don’t go off and buy champagne for the happy couple just yet. It’s simply optimistic speculation on our part…

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