tamara taylor bones 320 'Bones': Tamara Taylor talks Elon Gold, Rena Sofer, the Gravedigger and more“Bones” is back!

After an insanely long hiatus, the series returns this week (April 1) with the first of eight all new hours — including the 100th episode on April 8.


To celebrate the occasion, Korbi TV  kicks off “‘Bones’ Week” — new interviews every day — with some quality Tamara Taylor (Cam) time.   

Read on for her thoughts on Cam’s new man, being hated by fans, the Gravedigger and more …

We need to celebrate because Cam’s finally getting a love interest.

Tamara Taylor: Yes, a love interest! How cool is that?! And do you love that they cast [comedian] Elon Gold? I love him, he’s so funny.

I think it’s fantastic casting and I’m just so glad it’s happening. We’ve been asking for this for years!

TT: And they heard us! It’s a little inappropriate how she [finds him], but we’ll take it. He’s a gynecologist. Which is totally okay. He’s actually Michelle’s gynecologist.

Oh my goodness. That is inappropriate.

TT: Isn’t that just wrong? But thankfully, hopefully, inappropriate and funny, because he’s such an ‘aww shucks’ silly guy.

Is he someone who could stick around for a while?

TT: I’m wondering [about that]…I think he’s going to be sticking around for a little while. They seem to be having fun, so we’ll see. And Elon, he’s so fun to work with so I hope he stays.

Of course, Cam isn’t the only one getting a love interest. Rena Sofer is
coming on as Booth’s new lady… and she’ll apparently bear a striking resemblance to Brennan?

TT: Yeah. And that’s
what I’m saying, she’s Brennan-lite. She’s a little Asperger’s [in aspects of her personality]. [She] just
doesn’t have any social nuance. She’s a little tone deaf socially. She’s pretty, she’s a
scientist, she’s very Brennan.

Will Cam like her? After all, Cam
knows Booth is in love with Brennan.

TT: I don’t know how Cam’s going
to feel. You know what Cam does say? That’s she’s happy that he’s
dating. Because he hasn’t dated anyone in a while. [Cam and Booth] have a
talk about it.

Booth hasn’t really dated on-screen since he
broke things off with Cam. You broke him a little!

TT: It was
Brennan. I think even Cam knew [when Booth broke up with her] that it
was [about] Brennan. But he hasn’t been able to reconcile [his feelings for her],
so he should try and move on and find someone sweet and at least have a
good time, and I think that pans out.

Is Rena in more than one

TT: I don’t know. We mention her [in other episodes], so
she’s still around.

Fans have certainly had a
very vocal reaction to that. Some of them want Rena’s character to be killed, some of them want her to be evil.

TT: That could have been [the reaction to] me. That could have been me if
they didn’t break
Booth and [Cam] up [in season two].

Was the fan reaction that bad when you first joined?

TT: Oh, we all took it. John Francis Daley
(Sweets) took it. I took it. Whenever someone new comes on, [fans get
upset]. Oh, poor Rena. And Elon said he got some heat too.

Why are people mad about Elon?!

How crazy! How can you be upset by him? But he came in [to the
set] and said, ‘Okay,
my wife’s read that there are 40 postings saying why would they choose that
goofball for Cam?’

I mean, I guess that’s a compliment to
you in a weird way.

TT: I think he’s awesome and dashing looking and
sweet and endearing. And so much better than choosing a supermodel. It’s

Cam needs someone who is good for her, as opposed to
someone who is just good to look at.

TT: Exactly. She’s done that

When I told fans I was talking to you, many of them wanted to know if there was a chance that Hodgins and Cam would ever get together. Is that something you’d like to see happen?

TT: That’s so weird to me because they have like brother-and-sister energy.

I think fans want to see both of those characters happy. There’s tension, but I don’t know if I’d define it as romantic.

TT: Definitely not romantic, but definitely tension, I would agree. There’s been tension with Hodgins and Cam because he doesn’t like authority, and she’s authority. So there’s always that little bit of friction between the two of them, because it’s like, ‘Hello, what did I tell you? Okay, you’re going to focus and listen to me. Again, I’m going to tell you I’m the boss and you’re going to do as I say.’ And he never likes to do it.

How about the rest of the season? Anything you can share about the Gravedigger?

TT: I just started reading that. The Gravedigger is creepy, creepy, creepy. Super scary creepy. Being buried alive, not one of my favorite things.

Wait, is Cam being buried alive this time?

TT: I’ve gotten as far as the trial [in reading the script]. The Gravedigger is defending herself, which is just super scary and creepy.

Have you heard any whispers about the season finale? I don’t know if you’ve seen what [“Bones” creator] Hart Hanson has been tweeting about the finale, but what can you tease to us?

TT: What is he saying?! You guys know more about it than we do.

Hart tweeted out a nearly blank script page of the finale recently. It didn’t say much, but it included the title of the episode, which is “The Beginning in the End.”

TT: [pauses] The Beginning in the End?

It’s an interesting name right? Hart drove the fans into a slight frenzy with that.

TT: What a meanie! I have no clue [what that means]! I’m still on the Gravedigger episode and [that episode] starts off with quite a bang. I hope she doesn’t get away.

Or maybe she has an accomplice who is still out there.

TT: That would be interesting…

It’s hard to believe the season is nearly done. Are you looking forward to the break?

TT: This season passed really fast. It feels so fast and I
love what they have done. I’m looking forward to next season,
because it seems like it’s really hit its stride.

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