bones the partners in the divorce 'Bones'   'The Partners in the Divorce': Are relationship troubles for Booth and Brennan ahead?After putting us through such a stressful summer — knowing Brennan was on the run made the “Bones” hiatus very nerve-wracking — watching the second episode of “Bones” Season 8, “The Partners in the Divorce,” during which Booth and Brennan fought and were generally unhappy, seemed particularly cruel.

By the end of the episode, after Brennan solved the mystery (naturally) of the divorce lawyer who plunged to his death from a construction chute, the couple had finally started to fix their relationship troubles. But the beginning and the middle were not fun! 

Booth was not very happy when Brennan disappeared, and although he’s glad to have her back, that doesn’t mean their relationship dynamic will return to normal right away. That’s strange for Brennan, who has always let logic rule. But as she realized after a talk with Sweets, her emotions and her love for Christine and Seely are now priorities in her life. 

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We’re thankful the couple is on their way to repairing their relationship, and it doesn’t seem like their union is going to dissolve any time soon, but still — quit giving us near-heart attacks like that, guys!

The episode mainly focused on the Booth/Brennan relationship troubles, though Hodgins got some fun king of the lab moments.

What did you think of “The Partners in the Divorce”? Was it a worthy follow-up to “The Future in the Past” and all its tense, creepy Pelant moments?

Posted by:Jean Bentley