emilydeschanel.jpgAfter months of speculation, rumors, spoilers and foilers, “Bones” fans will finally get some resolution regarding May’s maddening “alternate reality” season finale when new episodes start back up this Thursday.

We’ve watched the season premiere, and it’s good. Trust. Arguably the best premiere the show has ever done, in fact.

Why? Well, first of all, if you’re a Booth/Brennan fan, this is an episode you cannot miss. Yes, there’s a case. And Cyndi Lauper makes her debut as Angela’s psychic. But this hour is really all about B&B. Sure, their “hook up” only took place in the “alternate reality,” but that doesn’t mean it won’t have some real consequences for them and for their relationship in the actual “Bones” world.

If you’ve seen the promos, you know that Sweets and Cam both confront Booth about being in love with Brennan. But what you maybe haven’t yet heard is that one of the two actually goes out of their way to talk Booth out of expressing his feelings… complete with medical records to back their point up. You can imagine how well Booth takes that piece of advice.

But there are definite romantic moments in the episode, as creator Hart Hanson teased when we spoke to him last month. Yep, the words “I love you” are uttered more than once in the episode… though that actually falls more under the “awkward moments” category. But it’s still really sweet and, coupled with a few other swoon-worthy scenes, pretty sure you’ll be satisfied.

One of those scenes just might involve kissing. We can’t forget the kissing, because yes, there is some in the premiere. The who, why, where, we can’t spill. But we will say that one of the smooches will make you sigh… in a good way.

But yeah, enough of our talking. Listen to Ms. Emily Deschanel‘s take on the whole deal…

Love Emily Deschanel.

Sweet girl.

Psyched for the “Bones” season premiere?

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

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