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Last time T.J. Thyne and I spoke, his “Bones” character, Jack Hodgins, had yet to find out about his ex-girlfriend’s new guy, Wendell. 

And though T.J. and Michael Terry (Wendell) wanted to brawl over Angela onscreen, Hodgins ended up dealing with the situation in a far calmer manner.

“Hodgins is, he’s at that point where he knows that Angela is a free spirit,” T.J. said when we met up at “American Idol”‘s Top 12 soiree. “She’s going to do whatever she wants to do and he loves her so much, but he’s tried to kind of contain her before, he’s tried to kind of get her into his grips and it doesn’t work … so he’s accepted the fact that he will always and forever love her and he’s desperately hoping she’s not the one that got away.”
Fortunately for him, there is quite a bit more Hodgins-Angela (aka “Hodgela”) to come this season. It sounds as though the two will even end up in jail together. Watch the video for more on that episode, which T.J. calls “really interesting” and one of his favorites, as well as some talk about this year’s penultimate hour which involves someone from their past who they don’t like.
He’s also giving a shout out to his favorite “American Idol” contestant of the moment and pitching a “Bones” guest spot for yours truly. He says I can help make Angela jealous.
Happy to do it, T.J. 
Anything for Hodgins…

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