tj thyne zooey 320 'Bones': TJ Thyne talks Hodgela baby names“Bones” star T.J. Thyne is moving into a new era on the show: fatherhood.

The actor already has a few ideas for baby names for the nascent Hodgela offspring.

“There’s no name picked out [yet]. We don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl,” he tells Zooey TV. “It would be cool if we could name him — I think they’re hinting that it’s a boy though — name him I think Hart, after our creator [Hart Hanson]. That’d be kind of neat. Or Sebastian. I just like that name.”

Hmm, we think artsy-hippie Angela (Michaela Conlin) might go for one of those names, but maybe Hodgins would like something that might honor a scientist, skeptic, debunker or conspiracy theorist?

Of course naming the baby after the showrunner isn’t a bad idea at all. Thyne knows on which side his “Bones” bread is buttered. He’s no dummy, like when he’s asked to say why Hodgins is better than Booth.

David [Boreanaz] is a producer on the show, which means he’s my boss,” says Thyne. “At the end of the day, who’s smarter?”

The rest of the interview is sort of sweet and incredibly candid. How many times can he emphasize that he’s currently single? Rectify that situation, ladies.

Thyne will also be featured in the November issue of Zooey Magazine.

“Bones” airs on Thursday nights on FOX.

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Photo credit: Zooey TV

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen